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Fur flies in Cathay Pacific's First Class

13 Oct 2001

Cats are one of the choosiest of creatures, and when it comes to their kittens mother cats are particularly protective. So Cathay Pacific was touched to learn recently that given the choice of a host of different seats in a storeroom at the Airbus Industrie factory in France, the cats plumped for Cathay Pacific First Class.

The mother cat - the mascot of the Airbus stores team – had sneaked in unseen at the end of the working day and settled down on a Cathay Pacific First Class seat. In the morning the staff were surprised to find her – and her young family of seven – enjoying the comfort usually reserved for the airline's premium passengers.

Steve Francis, Cathay Pacific's Engineering Manager at the Airbus Industrie headquarters in Toulouse, said: "It took me years to get an upgrade to First Class – but these kittens managed it before their first birthday. But I guess you could say they are all a lot cuter and cuddlier than I am!"

The need to put the seat into service meant there was unfortunately no opportunity to give the cat family permanent "landing rights". The seat cushion and covers were all replaced prior to installation on board a brand new Airbus A330-300.

Although the young passengers were clearly comfortable with the seat in its upright position they did not have the opportunity to sample the full luxury of the airline's First Class product. The seat reclines automatically into a flat bed, and offers complete privacy to passengers with the help of sliding dividers. Passengers are also offered duvets, sleeper suits, exclusive amenity kits, and the finest a la carte cuisine.

According to Steve Francis, mother and family are doing well. The kittens are growing fast, enjoying French cuisine, and apparently have no travel plans at present.