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Asia Miles introduces redemption for excess baggage

30 Mar 2001

Asia Miles™ today became Asia's first travel reward programme to allow its members to redeem their frequent flyer miles for extra baggage allowance as a regular reward item. This innovative feature is available only on Cathay Pacific flights. Starting from 1 April 2001, Asia Miles members will be able to redeem Asia Miles for extra baggage allowance in blocks of 10 kilograms or for every piece of baggage.

The number of Asia Miles required for 10 kilograms or one piece of baggage depends on the distance to be flown. For example, a member flying from Hong Kong to Manila can redeem 10 kilograms worth of extra baggage for 5,000 Asia Miles. Similarly, allowance for taking one extra piece of baggage on a flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver is available for 24,000 Asia Miles. The number of Asia Miles is not affected by the class of travel.

Ron Mathison, General Manager Cathay Pacific Loyalty Programmes, said: "By introducing this new redemption category, we are once again making it easier for members to use their miles and adding value to the Asia Miles programme. We plan to continue adding more earning categories and more ways for members to redeem their Asia Miles."

Asia Miles is Asia's leading Travel Reward Programme with 16 air partners and over 50 non-air partners. Air partners include Cathay Pacific Airways, American Airlines, British Airways, Deutsche BA, Finnair, Iberia, Qantas, Aer Lingus, LanChile, as well as Asiana Airlines, China Eastern, Dragonair, Japan Airlines, Japan Asia Airways, Sabena, and Swissair and its partners. There are eight non-air partner categories including restaurants, financial services, hotels, car hire, Internet, telecommunications, and florists. Cathay Pacific Holidays is also a partner.

Customers interested in joining Asia Miles or receiving more information can visit the Asia Miles Website at www.asiamiles.com.