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Cathay Pacific thanks participants at Aviation Academy

07 Dec 2001

Cathay Pacific today concluded the 2-day Cathay Pacific Aviation Academy held at its headquarters in Cathay Pacific City. The forum, held from 6 December was open only to the Hong Kong media. Response to the forum was encouraging with about 90 journalists signing up as participants.

The Cathay Pacific Aviation Academy was organised to give the Hong Kong media a general introduction of the aviation industry and provide journalists with a better understanding of it. To ensure participants have a wider scope of the issues facing the aviation industry, Cathay Pacific was honoured to have invited representatives from JP Morgan, Civil Aviation Department and the Airport Authority to speak at the forum. In addition, representatives from specialist departments in Cathay Pacific also covered topics such as principles of flight, emergency procedures, safety guidelines, aircraft maintenance, international aviation rights, cargo development, e-business and inflight health. In addition to attending lectures, participants also toured Cathay Pacific City and the Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific's General Manager Corporate Communication Mr. Alan Wong said, "We would like to thank all the journalists who have taken time out to attend the 2-day Cathay Pacific Aviation Academy. The Hong Kong media has always been very supportive of Cathay Pacific. We hope that the participants have benefited from this forum and gain a better understanding of the issues that are now being tackled by the aviation industry."

This is the first time Cathay Pacific has organised such an educational forum for the Hong Kong media. Mr Wong added:" We are heartened by the enthusiastic response and encouraging feedback from the participants. We will certainly look into organising more forums for the media in the near future."