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Cathay Pacific charters ten additional aircraft

05 Jul 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways is pleased to announce it has chartered ten aircraft on a temporary basis to provide it with additional capacity as Typhoon Utor approaches. The aircraft will arrive in Hong Kong today and be available on a standby basis for use as needed.

The impact of the typhoon on the airline's operations will be compounded by the AOA's industrial action campaign, and the union's apparent unwillingness to help the airline recover from any weather-related disruption. Under these circumstances, Cathay Pacific has decided to take the precautionary step of securing the additional capacity. The ten aircraft and their crews are being provided by a number of different airlines under contract.

Cathay Pacific's Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler said: "Cathay Pacific has promised to make every effort to provide reliable service and keep our passengers moving. The rapid approach of Typhoon Utor and the ongoing union dispute mean additional capacity will be of value to us."

Details of the aircraft are as follows:

Over the past two days Cathay Pacific has continued to operate a full schedule despite the commencement of the AOA's industrial action on Tuesday 3 July. The go-slow campaign has already resulted in delays to a number of flights, and the union has threatened to escalate its action in the coming weeks.