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Cathay Pacific holds induction course for Junior Pilot Club

01 Sep 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways this weekend is holding an induction course for children enrolled in the Cathay Pacific Junior Pilot Club. The course is being conducted at Cathay Pacific City and runs over two days. The 40 children, aged between 10 and 12, are participating in a wide range of aviation-related activities including lectures, games, flight simulator rides, and a tour of Hong Kong International Airport.

An opening ceremony was held at the Cathay Pacific City before the young members start their course. Officiating guests included Secretary for Economic Services Sandra Lee, Cathay Pacific Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen, Cathay Pacific Director of Flight Operations Ken Barley, Acting Director-General of Civil Aviation Alex Au, Senior Assistant Director of Education H.F. Lee, and Commandant of Hong Kong Air Cadet Corp Peter Dicky Yip.

Discussing the induction course, Mr Chen said: "We are very pleased to offer this programme to Hong Kong young people as part of our commitment to enrich the Hong Kong community. I hope and trust that all the members will find this a very rewarding experience, and I hope that the club will intrigue them to consider their future careers in aviation."

After the ceremony, the children took part in ground school training supervised by eight of Cathay Pacific's cadet pilots. The training included a lecture on the history of Cathay Pacific, warm-up exercises, lectures about the theory of flight, how to identify aircraft types and understand different aircraft parts, and discussions about how to become a pilot.

On the second day, the children will take a tour of Hong Kong International Airport to see many of the aviation-related facilities. The children will then join one of four groups for an hour's ride in one of Cathay Pacific's flight simulators.

The Cathay Pacific Junior Pilot Club was launched in April last year by Cathay Pacific, as a way of demonstrating its commitment to the Hong Kong community as well as raising the awareness of Hong Kong students on aviation.

The patron of the club is Sandra Lee, Secretary for Economic Services and its honorary advisors are Albert Lam, Director of Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and Peter Dicky Yip, Commandant and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps. The club is open to all children between the ages of 10 and 12 who have an interest in the world of aviation.