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Cathay Pacific operations update

17 Aug 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced that its flight schedule has only suffered minor disruptions despite the escalation of industrial action by the AOA. There has been a sharp increase in the number of pilots reporting sick and unavailable for work over the last three days. This has been well above normal levels.

The unusually high level of reported sickness has resulted in major roster instability. When a pilot reports in sick, this has a knock-on effect which disrupts the rosters of a number of other pilots. The company has been utilising reserve pilots to operate flights affected by absent crew. Despite the disruptions, Cathay Pacific has been able to maintain its regular schedule, with only eight cancellations due to the absenteeism. These are as follows:
CX 111/110Hong Kong - Sydney - Hong Kong
CX 777/776Hong Kong - Jakarta - Hong Kong
CX 888/889Vancouver - New York - Vancouver
CX 921/920Hong Kong - Cebu - Hong Kong

By 5:30pm today, a total of 62% of the airline's flights had departed within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time.

Cathay Pacific's Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler said: "We thank all of those pilots who have filled in for their absent colleagues. We sincerely apologise to all passengers who were inconvenienced by the cancellation of flights. We have been doing everything we can to transfer them to alternative Cathay Pacific flights or flights with other airlines."