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Cathay Pacific statement on Pilots' Pay Dispute

30 Jun 2001

Today Cathay Pacific Airways GM Corporate Communication Alan K.L. Wong made a statement to the media at the Conrad Hotel Hong Kong. The text was as follows:
  • Good afternoon. Thank you for coming on such short notice. I will read a brief statement in Cantonese and in English. We will not take any questions at this time. However we will remain available throughout the evening and will be prepared to take questions later, as events unfold.
  • As of this moment, we have received no indication from the HKAOA leadership of their intention to lift their Hong Kong disruption plan or to change their position regarding the proposed agreement.
  • Cathay Pacific's position remains simple and firm. There is a generous and comprehensive agreement before the HKAOA leadership that provides for significant improvements in pay, benefits and roster practices.
  • Furthermore, the HKAOA must also agree to a firm, definitive, irreversible and sincere commitment to the public of Hong Kong and to Cathay Pacific to abstain from any industrial action throughout the four-year term of the agreement.
  • It is also worth taking note of the comments and actions of the HKAOA leadership. In today's newspapers, the HKAOA President is quoted as saying he was prepared to disrupt the airline and Hong Kong "for three months, six months, nine months, or a year. It will be draining their resources unnecessarily". This will not just disrupt the airline, this will disrupt all of Hong Kong, the travelling public, and the tourism industry.
  • Sadly, the HKAOA leadership seems absolutely bound to a misguided course of disruption, no matter what. Hong Kong deserves better.
  • Hong Kong has waited long enough for the HKAOA leadership. It is time for them to decide.
  • Cathay Pacific remains available up until midnight today to receive from the HKAOA their signed agreement along with the "no disruption" commitment. After that time, the proposed agreement will be withdrawn.
  • That is all we have to say at this time. Thank you very much for your attention. Let me repeat again that we will remain available at this location throughout the evening to comment on any new developments. Thank you.