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Cathay Pacific press statement

23 Apr 2001

1:00pm Hong Kong Time (HKT)

Cathay Pacific Airways confirms a number of its crew are believed to be among those people being detained at the Swissotel Istanbul. This hotel is used by Cathay Pacific as its crew hotel in Istanbul.

Sixteen Cathay Pacific staff were booked into the hotel on Sunday night. This number includes four pilots and twelve cabin crew. At the present time it is not known how many are among those detained. According to the latest information, at least one pilot and one cabin crew member have been accounted for outside the hotel.

Cathay Pacific has contacted the families of the crew members to update them on the situation and offer its support. Cathay Pacific is also working closely with the local authorities in Istanbul and is offering all the assistance it can. The airline is sending two teams to Istanbul: n immediate readiness group from Europe, and another group from Hong Kong. These groups include senior managers, medical experts, and personnel managers.

Cathay Pacific hopes this incident can be resolved peacefully as soon as possible.
Rosita Ng, Corporate Comm. Manager, External Relations, (852) 2747-5640
Maria Yu, Asst. Corporate Comm. Manager, Media Relations, (852) 2747-5363