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Speech at Labour Department meeting by William Chau

18 Jun 2001

- Good afternoon everyone. I would like to say a few brief words if I may before we go into the meeting. My name is William Chau. I am Cathay Pacific's Personnel Director. With me is our Director Flight Operations Capt. Ken Barley.
- We at Cathay Pacific are very pleased that the leadership of the pilots' union, the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers' Association, has agreed to meet with us today.
- We are particularly grateful to the Labour Department who have asked the union to attend today's conciliation meeting.
- We remain hopeful the two sides can resume negotiations and work towards a durable settlement. This has been our wish ever since the union walked out of the talks. We remain willing to negotiate around the clock if necessary to reach a sensible agreement. An agreement that not only address the competitiveness of the airline but is also practical within the Hong Kong social and economic environment.
- Pilot industrial action will cause a great deal of disruption to almost everyone. This would be damaging for all our staff, our customers, the Hong Kong public, and Hong Kong's international status. We will do our best to prevent this from happening.
- Cathay Pacific is one of Hong Kong's most successful companies and is recognised as one of the world's best airlines. We have achieved this success through the efforts of everyone at Cathay Pacific. We are proud of that.
- Thank you for your time. We have a printed copy of this statement if you would like to have one.