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Cathay Pacific welcomes suspension of industrial action

19 Oct 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways today said it welcomed the AOA's announcement to suspend industrial action and contract compliance from this Sunday, 21 October.

Cathay Pacific Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler, said: "We are pleased the union has responded to our repeated calls for them to drop their industrial action. We believe this is a good first step in the right direction and we have proposed a meeting with them early next week."

The airline, is, however, taking a cautious approach to the news.

"The AOA has announced a 'suspension' of industrial action and contract compliance," continues Tony Tyler. "We will need to clarify exactly what this means for the long term at the meeting. The AOA's industrial action over the last four months caused significant damage to the airline and Hong Kong. Today's announcement will not undo that harm.

"The airline industry has been facing a serious downturn over the last year, even before the tragic events of 11 September. Progress in resolving this dispute will depend on the AOA recognising that the company has already implemented a generous pay and benefits package in July. The AOA will need to have realistic expectations given the extremely difficult operating environment."