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Cathay Pacific to offer passengers a range of New Year gifts

22 Jan 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways will present passengers with a range of inflight gifts over the Chinese New Year period to help them celebrate the start of the Year of the Snake. The gifts include a variety of traditional snacks for passengers in all classes of travel and include honey-coated walnuts, winter melons, and lotus seeds. Cathay Pacific has also selected a range of special Chinese dishes to serve passengers.

The "Tseung Hup"
Treasure Box
During the first 15 days of Chinese Year, passengers in First Class will be offered seasonal snacks from a traditional Treasure Box (Tseung Hup). The box contains a variety of traditional sweetened dried fruits and vegetables such as coconut, lotus root, winter melon and lotus seeds (symbolising prosperity, long life and a large family), candy and chocolates (symbolising happy relationships) and red melon seeds (symbolising wealth).

New Year Goodies
First and Business Class passengers will also be presented with a wrapped gift box containing four delectable treats: Deep Fried Sesame balls, Honey-coated Walnuts, and two Sweet Golden Pockets - a variety of deep fried dumplings. Economy Class passengers will receive a smaller version of the gift box with two Sweet Golden Pockets. The gift boxes are based on the offerings presented by families to the "Kitchen God" to ensure a lucky and prosperous year ahead.

Cathay Pacific's General Manager Inflight Services Quince Chong said: "As Hong Kong's home carrier, we enjoy celebrating Chinese New Year along with all our passengers. We are especially glad that we can help our passengers celebrate the start of the Year of the Snake with these traditional goodies."

For the Chinese New Year period Cathay Pacific has also selected a number of seasonal recipes from its "Best Chinese Food in the Air" promotion created by chefs of the famous Yung Kee Restaurant. The dishes include Braised Prawn and Fish with Spring Onion, Braised Red Snapper with Bamboo Sticks, E-Fu Noodles with Shrimp and Preserved Vegetables, Chicken with Winter Melon in Green Curry Sauce, and Stir-fried Lobster with Abalone. All of these dishes are in some way synonymous with good luck and happiness, important themes for the start of every Chinese New Year.

As part of its commitment to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific will also be the title sponsor of the Chinese New Year Parade for the third consecutive year. On 24 January the whole city will come alive with excitement when the Parade welcomes the Year of the Snake with a cavalcade of elaborate floats, costumed performers, marching bands and a host of other festivities.

Patrick Garrett, Corporate Communication Manager, Product, (852) 2747-5378
Elsa Leung, Assistant Corporate Comm. Manager, Product, (852) 2747-8282