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Cathay Pacific offers notiFLY Flight Paging to Hutchison users

28 Jan 2001

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced an agreement with Hutchison Telecom to offer notiFLY Flight Paging across the Hutchison network in Hong Kong. Hutchison subscribers can now make use of the new service to have the latest Cathay Pacific flight information sent directly to their mobile phones. The text messages work on mobile phones even without WAP capability.

By entering the flight details via the Cathay Pacific Website - www.cathaypacific.com - users can request a notiFLY Flight Paging message be sent in advance of a flight departure or arrival. A reminder SMS (short messaging service) will be sent to their mobile phone confirming the flight's timing. It can also warn if the flight will be early, or delayed by more than 30 minutes. With favourable tailwinds long-haul flights can sometimes arrive well ahead of schedule, but using notiFLY family and friends get advance notice of when to be at the airport.

Cathay Pacific's Manager cathaypacific.com Dominic Purvis said: "We are delighted Hutchison users can now benefit from this extremely useful new service. Life in Hong Kong is always hectic, so being able to grab useful information on the move is clearly a big benefit. By getting exact flight arrival details sent to your mobile phone you can better plan your journey to the airport and save your friends or family waiting time."

In addition to mobile phone SMS messages, notiFLY will also send email messages anywhere in the world to confirm flight arrival and departure times. The service has been operating in Hong Kong since October last year.

Last year Cathay Pacific launched notiFLY in Taiwan, the first airline to offer such a service to Taiwanese customers. Cathay Pacific is also still the only Asian carrier to launch such a service away from its home base.

notiFLY is provided free of charge by Cathay Pacific, and is not restricted to passengers. Many thousands of customers have already made use of the service including secretaries keeping track of sales teams schedules, chauffeurs meeting their clients at airports, courier services awaiting urgent packages, and "meeters and greeters" of all kinds collecting their loved ones.

notiFLY is just one of the reasons Cathay Pacific is Asia's leading e-Business airline. Earlier this month Cathay Pacific also announced the launch of the world's first comprehensive Online Check-In service allowing passengers to check in for flights via the Internet before heading to the airport. The new service gives passengers the confidence of knowing they have a confirmed seat 48 hours in advance and also saves them valuable time before departure.

Patrick Garrett, Corporate Communication Manager, Product, (852) 2747-5378
Elsa Leung, Assistant Corporate Comm. Manager, Product, (852) 2747-8282