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Cathay Pacific Operations Achieved Smooth Rollover To Year 2000

01 Jan 2000

Cathay Pacific Airways announces that all its operations throughout Asia, Australasia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas have made a smooth transition to the year 2000. All destinations served in these regions reported trouble-free operations during the rollover period of 7.00pm on 31 December 1999 to 6.00pm (HKG time) on 1 January 2000.

During the first two hours of the new Millennium (HKG time), Cathay Pacific had up to 12 aircraft in the air, flying mainly to destinations in Europe and North America.

Cathay Pacific's Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler said: "I would like to thank all the Cathay Pacific staff who worked last night - both on our aircraft and at airports around the world - for giving up time they could have spent with their family and friends during this once-in-a-lifetime event so as to ensure we achieved a smooth transition into the millennium period".

Cathay Pacific recorded a number of "firsts" during the changeover: the first passengers arriving at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) this morning were on CX873 from San Francisco; the first aircraft landing at London Heathrow this morning was CX251, which was also the first flight out of HKIA minutes after the new Millennium arrived in Hong Kong; passengers on board CX888 from Hong Kong to Vancouver were amongst the very first to experience the new Millennium but then crossed the International Dateline and slipped back into 1999 again, enabling them to celebrate again upon landing in Vancouver.

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