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Cathay Pacific remains firmly committed to negotiations

05 Dec 2000

Cathay Pacific Airways today expressed its disappointment at the actions of its pilots’ union, the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers’ Association (AOA), in warning of possible disruption during the holiday season. This warning comes while both sides are in discussions to finalise a new set of roster practises.

Cathay Pacific is firmly committed to reaching an agreement with the AOA on the issue of roster practises. The two sides have held 20 meetings on this subject already this year and have made significant progress. Both sides have already scheduled a further seven meetings to be held over the next two weeks.

The only outstanding issue is on the threshold hours and rates for overtime pay. In order to help avoid any possible disruption to the travelling public, Cathay Pacific has made significant concessions on this issue. Its latest proposal is almost identical to that originally asked for by the AOA. Over the past year however, the AOA has been consistently increasing its demands concerning overtime pay.

Cathay Pacific’s willingness to make concessions is demonstrated by the fact it had already made concessions to all three motions presented at today’s AOA Extraordinary General Meeting. These were the issues of extended Captains’ salaries, New Zealand bases, and Roster Practises 1994.

Cathay Pacific believes industrial action will not benefit anyone. If this does eventuate however, Cathay Pacific will do all it can to protect the interests of the Hong Kong travelling public to ensure they experience as little inconvenience as possible.
Lisa Wong, Corporate Communication Manager, Public Affairs, (852) 2747-5393
Maria Yu, Assistant Corporate Communication Manager, (852) 2747-5363