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Cathay Pacific Relaunches Discount Pass To Hong Kong Visitors

09 Mar 2000

Cathay Pacific Airways has relaunched its successful "Yum Sing" promotion giving overseas travellers discounts at restaurants, night clubs, theme clubs and sightseeing tours when they visit Hong Kong. The promotion runs from now until 31 December 2000. Most countries in Cathay Pacific's global network will participate in the promotion.

During 2000, overseas passengers who purchase a Cathay Pacific "Hong Kong SUPERSTOP" or various other promotional packages to Hong Kong will be given a Yum Sing card, providing discounts at more than 23 popular restaurants and clubs in Hong Kong. The Yum Sing card is presented with a 23-page handbook serving as a guidebook for exploring Hong Kong's eating and entertainment attractions.

The restaurants are situated in renowned tourist areas such as Lan Kwai Fong, Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay, and offer a variety of international cuisines including Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, American, French, and Indian. The Yum Sing card also allows tourists to enjoy two-for-one local tours around Hong Kong organised by the Splendid Tours company.

"Cathay Pacific is proud to be a Hong Kong airline and we make every effort to promote Hong Kong as one of the world's most exciting travel destinations," said Charlie Stewart-Cox, Cathay Pacific's General Manager Marketing. "We are sure the Yum Sing card will again prove an ideal way for travellers to experience the food and entertainment options on offer in Hong Kong."

The Yum Sing card is valid for the duration of a tourist's stay in Hong Kong and is non-transferable. Passengers should present the card before they order. The passenger's name, passport number and signature must be written on the card. Yum Sing cards are distributed at selected Cathay Pacific's overseas offices. Alternatively, travellers can contact their nearest Cathay Pacific office for details.

Cathay Pacific runs a range of global promotions supporting Hong Kong and its tourism industry. These have included the highly successful Hong Kong SUPERSTOP, which offers one night's accommodation in Hong Kong for as little as US$25; "Hong Kong SuperOffer" which offered two-for-one airfares to Hong Kong in 1997, and "Fly to Win" in 1998 which gave away one free return tickets to Hong Kong on every Cathay Pacific flight to the new Hong Kong International Airport.


Diana Fung, Corporate Communication Manager, Product, (852) 2747-5378
May Lam, Assistant Corporate Communication Manager, Product (852) 2747-5376