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Women who choose to travel the world

Cathay Pacific celebrates the women of today who love to live out of their suitcases and explore themselves along with the world. With a world full of women travellers of all kinds, we are glad to have had a small role in being a part of their truly exciting and inspiring journeys with their family, friends or even solo.


   Your ultimate packing guide

Packing for a trip is one of the most daunting yet exciting tasks for women! Learning to pack the essentials is key, here are some of the must-haves you should add to your bag when travelling.

Stow Organiser: Travelling means carrying a bunch of gadgets and all their accessories that come with them. Organising these accessories using the Cathay X Native Union Stow OrganiserOpen a new window will let you keep them close at hand whenever you’re on the move.

Camera: Trekking to the mountains solo or visiting a beachy town with your girlfriends, capturing these long-lasting travel memories is a must. Don’t forget to pack your camera and get snapping along the way.

- Headphones: Be it travelling in bustling buses of Asia or a flight to your next destination, the right pair of headphones to listen to your favourite music will elevate your travel experience to a whole new level. Tune in to the beats of the local country and feel more like a local!

- Light Beauty Care: Every women has either a basic skin and make-up routine or an entire ritual. However, when travelling, it is always better to stick to the minimum and not add to the extra weight.

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Experiences from the Women of Cathay Pacific

From exploring quaint towns to the bustling cities, women from across the spectrum are embarking on a journey to discover their new self. Find out how  the Women of Cathay Pacific feel when they embark on their travels.

Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate 

"Discovering the world has been always a breath of fresh air between my busy schedules. My travels keep me feeling recharged, renewed and rejuvenated. Planning voyages with my friends and family, while immersing myself in different cultures is what makes each of my travels unique and memorable." 

- Tanu Lele


Breaking barriers                                    

"Growth. Confidence. Freedom; are all the emotions that I associate travel with. My solo trips make me feel more confident to explore the world without any fear. It is an opportunity to break stereotypes about women travelling on their own. In fact, it leaves me feeling empowered to take on other challenges too. With every travel I have found a better, more confident and empathic version of myself. "

- Udita Shroff

Path to self-discovery                         

"As an adventure seeking backpacker, living in the moment has been my travel motto. I believe taking the unexplored path, keeps me feeling alive and feeds my soul with my numerous travel escapades that I have had. Each of my expeditions gave me the opportunity to become my most authentic and raw self along with connecting with like-minded individuals.   Not having a concrete plan besides knowing my destination has rewarded me with exhilarating stories be it curling up at third class train cabins, eating the mouth-watering street food found in nooks & alleys or at strangers’ homes."

- Eva Marie Conel

Discover how travel makes you feel

Travel evokes strong emotions in all of us.  Play the word search to see how many of these feelings you can spot.

(Answers - Queen, Radiant, Renewed, Alive, Passionate, Worthy, Inspired, Equal, Valuable, Confident, Independent, Empowered, Free, Gratifying)