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Dragonair launches new uniform for customer-facing staff across its network

27 Mar 2013

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today announced the rollout of the airline’s new uniform to more than 3,000 customer-facing staff across its network, effective from 28 March 2013.

A launch event was held today hosted by Dragonair Chairman John Slosar and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung, with the uniform’s designer, Mr Eddie Lau, in attendance.

Dragonair continuously strives to enhance its products and services in order to meet the ever-changing requirements of the industry and its customers. Dragonair has seen three uniform changes since its establishment in 1985, with the current design being employed for more than 13 years. The airline felt it was timely to update its uniform, offering staff and customers a refreshing new look that is more aligned with its current corporate image and brand positioning.

The new design reflects Dragonair’s professional and modern outlook, incorporating the latest fabric technology to ensure the uniform is comfortable and practical to wear on a daily basis.

Speaking at the launch event, Mr Yeung said: “As one of the world’s leading regional airlines, we constantly look for ways to enhance our products and services, and to expand our network and increase the choice we offer to our customers. We also invest a great deal of effort in strengthening our brand and boosting our corporate image.

“The uniform worn by our customer-facing staff is one of the most important elements in reflecting Dragonair’s corporate image. The designer, Mr Eddie Lau, worked with great passion together with our team to produce the new uniform for us and bring this important project to a successful conclusion,” Mr Yeung added.

The design of the new uniform puts a strong focus on the individuality and uniqueness of Dragonair’s service offering throughout the entire passenger journey, both on the ground and in the air. At the same time, it harmonises closely with the overall image of the Cathay Pacific Group.

The red and black colour tones of the female collection echo Dragonair’s brand image, with red representing youth and vitality, while the black element helps to project a classy, elegant and professional corporate image. The olive colour jacket and vest of the male uniform offer a fresh new outlook, while the design of the white shirt varies according to seniority.

Dragonair’s signature “dragon” logo is integrated into different parts of the new design logo in a wave movement.

Mr Eddie Lau and the uniform project team had to overcome a great challenge in coming up with a uniform that would be suitable for more than 3,000 staff to wear, working in the air or on the ground, in different cities and cultures and in a wide variety of climates. Among those wearing the uniforms will be cabin crew, airport staff and reservations staff working across the network.

Staff and passengers were also involved throughout the 18-month uniform development process. A series of staff surveys, consultations, prototype presentations, a wearer trial and focus groups with Marco Polo Club members were conducted to collect a wide variety of views and opinions before the design of the new uniform was finalised.