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Travel checklist

Latest update: 16 August 2022


From 12 August, passengers travelling to Hong Kong will only need to complete three nights in a Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH), followed by four days of medical self-monitoring at home or in a normal hotel.

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Flying to Hong Kong soon? Here are 3 things to prepare before you arrive at the check in counter.

COVID-19 PCR Test Report

COVID-19 PCR Test Report


Customer's name on test report must match valid travel document to show that:
1) Customer has undertaken a PCR-based nucleic acid test for COVID-19 and, 
2) Sample for the test was taken within 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the flight to Hong Kong and, 
3) Result of the test for COVID-19 was negative

For customers who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 14 to 90 days, you can present a recovery certificate (in English or Chinese) to state the date of infection and recovered status. In such, you can alternatively present a test report indicating:
1)  Customer must undergo COVID-19 rapid antigen test (RAT) test
2) Sample for the test was taken within 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure to Hong Kong and, 
3) Result of the test for COVID-19 was negative

*Above requirement is exempted for travellers under the age of 3

Vaccination record proof (if you are vaccinated)

Vaccination record proof (if you are vaccinated)

As documentary proof, passengers must present valid vaccination record in hardcopy OR softcopy written in English or Chinese that is issued by List of Places of Issuance of Recognised Vaccination Records which can be found here

During check-in, you will have to present the completed vaccination record proof containing the below information:
1) Customer name matching valid travel document
2) Show received dose(s) of vaccine against COVID-19
3) The date(s) on which the dose(s) administered
4) The name of the vaccine administered (please refer to the latest list of recognised vaccines in HKSAR Government page)

Your Hong Kong hotel room reservation

Your Hong Kong hotel room reservation

Electronic/printed hotel booking confirmation in English or Chinese in Hong Kong for the required number of nights. The booked hotel must be a designated hotel for quarantine. 

  • Starting from the day of arrival, you will need a hotel reservation in one of the designated quarantine hotels for no less than three nights.

Passenger must ensure their full name is printed on the hotel confirmation, including all travellers’ names in a shared room.

A vaccination record proof (hardcopy or softcopy) in either English or Chinese is required. Refer to point 2 for more details.


Documentation & further FAQs

COVID-19 rules continue to change, often at short notice, so it’s important to be well informed. Please visit our Hong Kong entry requirementsOpen a new window page for more information about required documents.

We've also collated your most frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need before flying.

Fly Ready with our document pre-verification 

Upload your health documents before your flight to Hong Kong. We’ll verify them ahead of time – so you know you’ve been pre-verified and are ready to fly.