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Dragonair Supports Forging of Economic Partnership with Mainland Cities and Building the Hong Kong Hub

16 Jan 2013

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today welcomed the commitment made in the Policy Address by HKSAR Chief Executive Mr Leung Chun-ying, that the Government will enhance Hong Kong’s economic partnership with provinces and municipalities in the Mainland on all fronts.

Dragonair Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung said: “The Chief Executive stressed that Hong Kong, as well as being international finance, trading, and shipping centre, is also part of the network for Mainland China. It is crystal clear that enhancing the partnership with provinces and other major cities in the Mainland will not only drive economic growth, but also foster social and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland. This has been a strong belief for Dragonair all along as we worked to build a strong network in Mainland China.

“Hong Kong is very much part and parcel of the bigger picture. As Mr Leung noted, the Central Government supports the continuous development of Hong Kong as an international shipping centre, which covers both aviation and maritime transport, in the National 12th Five-Year Plan. As a leading aviation hub, we should ride on our success and take full advantage of the opportunities presented to us,” Mr Yeung said.

“I strongly believe that the status of Hong Kong as gateway to Mainland China and a leading Asian logistics centre could be strengthened as the Government undertakes to enhance sea, air and land transport networks with the Mainland. Dragonair fully supports the initiative favouring the development of Hong Kong and is looking forward to the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport, including the construction of a third runway.

“The Mainland is Dragonair’s key market and we stand ready to contribute to enhance Hong Kong’s connectivity as a regional hub for passenger and cargo traffic, and to help drive the economic  development of Hong Kong and the Mainland,” Mr Yeung said.

Mr Yeung added that Dragonair also supports the move to set up recreation facilities in the Kai Tak Development Area that will reflect the former airport’s unique history and add another tourist attraction that can further boost the development of the local tourism industry.