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Special ticketing guidelines for the Philippines

Latest update: 20 Feb 2020 23:45 HKT (GMT+8)

With immediate effect, rebooking, rerouting and refund charges will be waived for all tickets issued worldwide (irrespective of fare type) on/ before 4 February 2020 (original ticket issue date) for travel with Cathay Pacific/ Cathay Dragon confirmed bookings arriving to or departing from the Philippines between 4 February 2020 and 31 March 2020.

1. Cathay Pacific/ Cathay Dragon tickets

a. Cancellation and refund

  • Waive on cancellation, and refund charges.

b. Rebooking / Rerouting / No Show

Rebooking / rerouting / no show charges will be waived on conditions that:

  • Such requests are made on/ before 31 March 2020 and before departure, for travel with Cathay Pacific/ Cathay Dragon confirmed bookings arriving to or departing from Philippines between 4 February 2020 and 31 March 2020.
  • Revised (NEW) travel date must be on/before 30 September 2020 and subject to flight availability.
    In which case, the ticket expiry date will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The newly rebooked sector must observe and conform to the conditions of the respective fare rule, e.g. blackout dates, flight application, weekend/ weekday travel, stopover charges and applicable seasonality by collecting additional/ refunding difference (if any) as appropriate.
  • Reissuance charges will only be waived due to the expiry of the original ticket
  • Rerouting to/ from/ via Cathay Pacific/ Cathay Dragon online cities
    And subject to flight availability and fare/ tax difference.

c. Group Tickets

  • Please refer to your local travel agent.

2. Asia Miles airline award tickets

  • For the related special guidelines, please check the Asia Miles website.
  • For further details, please refer to Asia Miles Terms and Conditions at Asia Miles Airline Award Redemption General Conditions.