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Discovery Magazine

Discovery Magazine

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Digital Discovery


Cathay Pacific’s inflight magazine Discovery is now available in digital format so you can enjoy the entertaining and informative content even when you are not flying.

Discovery can now be downloaded as a digital magazine, an iPad app and read online on the website cathaypacific.com/discovery. The digital platforms offer plenty of interactive elements for users including embedded videos, high resolution screenshots, concept features, touch screen functionality and other exclusive content. The print version will continue to be available on board Cathay Pacific flights.


Inflight Magazines



Cathay Pacific’s award-winning inflight magazine, is available on all Cathay Pacific flights. The recently revamped magazine brings you the latest happenings in Hong Kong and around the world, and articles covering a wide range of topics and destinations to inspire your next adventure. Discovery also contains programming information on our StudioCX inflight entertainment system, travel tips, as well as news and information about the company.


StudioCX First and Business Class entertainment guide

Cathay Pacific's inflight audio and video programming information guide, is exclusively for first and business class passengers. It reviews selected blockbuster and Asian movies, radio, television and entertainment news. It also showcases our inflight entertainment programming of up to 100 movies, 550 television programmes, 888 CDs, 70 video games and 22 radio channels. 

Check out the latest entertainment available in our flights.


Discover the Shop

Discover the Shop

Your exclusive inflight shopping catalogue available on all Cathay Pacific flights. We offer a wide range of duty-free items, from world-class beauty products and designer accessories to the latest travel gadgets and finest liquors - there's something for everyone. As an awarding-winning inflight retailer, we constantly collaborate with premium brands to come up with new and exclusive items that are only available on Cathay Pacific flights. Click here to check out the latest offers on our website and place your pre-flight order now! We can deliver your favourite items directly to you on your next flight with us. Inflight shopping has never been so convenient and you are sure to find that perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself!

Magazines and newspapers

On a single day, Cathay Pacific carries more than 140 different newspaper titles from around the world, and over 180 different weekly and monthly magazines. 

Note : Upon request, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post is available in Braille for visually-impaired passengers. Kindly reserve one week before date of departure.