Enjoy through-check benefits when you are travelling on separate tickets

We listened to your feedback and we are pleased that we are revising our previous through-check policy.

Starting from 1 January 2017, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon as a courtesy will once again through-check you and your baggage to your final destination if you are travelling on separate tickets.  This means you no longer have to collect at arrival and check in your baggage again with your connecting carrier, thus allowing you to enjoy a smoother travel connection with our airline partners. You will still be subject to local passenger security or customs policies.

However, through-check may not be possible if your travel begins with an airline that does not provide a separate ticket through-check service. Please contact your originating airline directly for more details.  

Passengers with connecting itineraries booked on a single ticket or connecting between Cathay Pacific Group-operated flights will be through-checked to their final destination.

Please visit our travel information page for more details.