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Dragonair Offers “Cabin Crew Insight” to Youth

10 Apr 2012

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today hosted around 100 students at a career workshop – “Cabin Crew Insight” – as part of the Dragonair Youth Aviation Academy, a core initiative of the airline’s corporate social responsibility programme.

This half-day cabin crew workshop is a signature event of the Aviation Academy with the aim of giving students an overview of the roles and responsibilities of cabin crew. The airline sees the workshop as a key element of its commitment to youth education and a valuable opportunity to pass on industry knowledge to the next generation.

The programmes of the workshop were specifically tailored, making it interactive, practical and appealing to students. Aside from touring the cabin crew training facilities, such as the mock-up cabin and briefing rooms, at the airline’s headquarters, student were led by Dragonair’s cabin crew and inflight services team, who explained the airline’s service standards, inflight services procedures and service etiquette. Participants were also invited to take part in role-play exercises on scene and given the chance to hear first-hand from serving cabin crew members about their day-to-day experience in handling passengers’ requests and delivering world-class services on aircraft. A booth was also set up to demonstrate cabin crew grooming and make-up.

Many students found the workshop interesting and useful as they were able to get informative insights into the work and lifestyle of cabin crew through hands-on practice and facility tours.   

Mina Chung from the Hong Kong Baptist University said: “There is no similar workshop on campus. This event provided me with the opportunity not only to learn more about the aviation industry, but also gain general knowledge, such as service attitude, personal tidiness and outlook. The hands-on practice was particularly memorable and fascinating to me as I was allowed to serve in the mock-up cabin just like real cabin crew.”

Ivan Law from the Hong Kong Shue Yan University found the tour session most impressive, “I found the visit to the mock-up cabin inspiring. I can hardly imagine how cabin crew are able to prepare a hundred sets of inflight meals in such a small galley. Team spirit is essential to enable the aircrew team’s smooth operation in limited time and space and for passengers to enjoy sumptuous food and drinks on board.”

Dragonair’s cabin crew members were delighted to meet the students. “I am grateful for the great opportunity to impart my knowledge in support of the company’s mission to inspire and educate our younger generation. Flight attendant is a highly disciplined profession. It also requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a caring personality and attention to details. I believe all these are important elements in the personal and career development of our younger workforce,” Dragonair Flight Purser Teresa Kok said.

Another Flight Purser Nikita Lee added: “Cabin crew is always in the spotlight as we have direct contacts with our passengers. Our duty is a lot more than serving meals as people generally perceive, but attending to passengers’ needs, managing the entire cabin and taking care of passengers’ safety. We possess a strong sense of responsibility.

“The kind of training we receive not only enriches our professional knowledge but also improves our ability in handling unexpected situations. We were able to demonstrate part of this training to students this morning. I hope that they will practice these skills in their daily lives – they can be an asset for them.” Ms Lee furthered.

The Dragonair Youth Aviation Academy was established in 2011 with the objective of inspiring Hong Kong’s young people to learn about the exciting world of aviation and to consider pursuing a career in the industry. The youth education programmes are supported by industry partners and stakeholders. The Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme, a mentorship scheme co-organised by the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, also comes under the umbrella of the Aviation Academy.