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Dragonair Introduces Special Inflight Crab Roe Menu and Inflight Sales Lucky Draw

04 Nov 2010

(Hong Kong) Dragonair is pleased to announce a double boost for passengers with a new seasonal menu featuring specially created crab roe dishes together with an inflight sales lucky draw offering some enticing hi-tech gadgets as prizes.

A selection of specially designed new crab dishes is now being served to First Class passengers on flights from Hong Kong to Shanghai and Beijing until the end of November, tying in with the annual hairy crab season. Dragonair’s inflight catering team has worked closely with the airline’s catering provider to create exciting new seasonal dishes that will help to further enhance the inflight experience.

The hairy crab season is eagerly awaited by food connoisseurs every year and this is the second time Dragonair has run its special inflight crab roe menu. This year’s menu features popular crab dishes including:

  • Crab Roe with Steamed Egg White and Bean Curd
  • E-fu Noodle in Soup with Crab Roe, Crab Meat and Shrimp
  • Crab Roe, Crab Meat and Fish Maw in Broth
  • Steamed Crab Roe and Pork Dumpling
  • Stuffed Scallop with Prawn Mousse topped with Crab Roe Sauce, and
  • Stuffed Marrow with Crab Roe

    Dragonair General Manager Inflight Services Cecilia Leung said: “Dragonair is famous for its innovative and high-quality inflight menu and we are sure our premium passengers will enjoy the specially created crab roe dishes. We’ll continue to offer seasonal catering options to make flying a more enticing – and delicious - experience.”

    There’s another boon for passengers in the form of a special lucky draw, open to those who make inflight sales purchases on a Dragonair flight from now through to the end of December.

    Passengers spending HK$500 or more are eligible to enter a monthly lucky draw, with the chance to become one of the four lucky winners each month to win some of the hottest high-tech gadgets including an Apple iPad and the Canon EOS 550D camera kit. All those eligible for the monthly lucky draw will be automatically entered into the Grand Prize lucky draw to win an Apple MacBook Pro worth HK$10,000.

    Dragonair recently ramped up its inflight sales offering with a total of 52 new items for sale onboard flights and another 13 made available for home delivery in the current quarter (October to December).

    Ms Leung said: “Our passengers have given us great support during our 25th anniversary year, and to thank them we are organising this special lucky draw for those making inflight sales purchases. We have worked hard to enhance our inflight sales offering, and by bringing in new elements such as the lucky draw and exciting new products we can enhance our passengers’ shopping experience further.”

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