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Dragonair Cancels/Delays Flights to and from Kaohsiung due to Typhoon Fanapi (22:00)

19 Sep 2010

(HONG KONG) Due to Typhoon Fanapi approaching Kaohsiung, Dragonair has cancelled or delayed the following flights to and from Kaohsiung today (September 19, Sunday):

Flights which have been delayed:

Scheduled Departure Time
New Departure Time
KA432 Hong Kong Kaohsiung 09:00 (19Sep10) 08:00 (20Sep10)
KA436 Hong Kong Kaohsiung 12:40 (19Sep10) 09:00 (20Sep10)
KA433 KaohsiungHong Kong 11:30 (19Sep10)10:30 (20Sep10)
KA437 Kaohsiung Hong Kong 15:05 (19Sep10) 11:20 (20Sep10)

Flights which have been cancelled:

Scheduled Departure Time
KA452 Hong Kong Kaohsiung 19:05 (19Sep10)
KA453 Kaohsiung Hong Kong 21:30 (19Sep10)
KA430 Hong Kong Kaohsiung 18:00 (19Sep10)
KA431 Kaohsiung Hong Kong 20:30 (19Sep10)

Passengers are advised to check the latest flight information at Dragonair website, www.dragonair.com, before leaving for the airport.

Dragonair continues to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates on the flight situation once more information becomes available. The airline regrets any inconvenience these flight disruptions may cause and hopes for passengers' understanding.