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Enter our corporate offset programme

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon understand that climate change is a key issue for business today. Like us, many businesses are taking active measures to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As part of out value added service, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have set up a corporate carbon offset programme to help our corporate clients reduce their emissions from flying in a way that is credible, efficient and cost effective.

Calculate and Offset your Corporate Emissions

Using our on-line calculator, below, please enter the number of flights per category and class that apply to corporate travel in the relevant period. Total flight emissions and cost will automatically be calculated for you.

Flight Categories (Duration) Economy Premium Economy Business First
HKD 10 X
HKD 15 X
HKD 20 X
HKD 30 X
HKD 20 X
HKD 30 X
HKD 40 X
HKD 60 X
HKD 50 X
HKD 75 X
HKD 100 X
HKD 150 X
Total Contribution HKD 0.00

Terms and Conditions

* Please note emission calculations are based on average emissions per flight category and not actual mileage