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Cathay Pacific announces details on European flights (10:45 Hong Kong Time)

20 Apr 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways announced the latest flight schedule of its European services as the impact of the volcanic ash on European airports eased.

The airline has scheduled seven flights to London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam which had been delayed on a rolling basis from 15 and 16 April. The Rome and Milan flights that were delayed last night will also be leaving this afternoon, as per the timetable listed below.

However, four of the normally scheduled flights to Europe as listed below have been cancelled. It is planned that the normal service for these flights will resume tomorrow. But the normally scheduled flights to Paris and Rome will operate on time.

Cathay Pacific has two aircraft stranded in London and Frankfurt by the volcanic ash crisis. The airline is planning to operate them as additional flights from those cities today (21 April) European local time, at times to be advised.

Passengers who do not have confirmed bookings are strongly advised not to go the airport. And those passengers who do have confirmed bookings should not go too early. They are advised to arrive at the airport about three hours before scheduled departure.

Passengers without confirmed bookings should contact Cathay Pacific Reservation number – 2747-1888 for booking and ticketing arrangements.

Priority will be given to students returning to the UK to sit public examinations and unaccompanied minors, i.e. children under 12. A hotline 2747-8888 which is open from 7am to 11pm has been set up to register these passengers.

About 300 students who need priority boarding to sit public examinations and unaccompanied minors under the age of 12 have been confirmed so far and arrangements are being made for them to board the four flights to London today.

Passengers are advised to check the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com, for the latest flight information before leaving for the airport.


Flight No.


Scheduled Departure Time



Hong Kong to Paris

23:45 (15 April)

11:30 (21 April)


Hong Kong to London

23:55 (15 April)

16:00 (21 April)


Hong Kong to London

00:35 (16 April)

18:30 (21 April)


Hong Kong to London

09:40 (16 April)

23:00 (21 April)


Hong Kong to London

15:00 (16 April)

01:00 (22 April)


Hong Kong to Frankfurt

23:50 (16 April)

23:50 (21 April)


Hong Kong to Amsterdam

0015: (16 April)

0015: (22 April)






Hong Kong to Rome

00:15 (21 April)

Delayed till 12:00 (21 April)


Hong Kong to Milan

00:45 (21 April)

Delayed till 12:30 (21 April)


Hong Kong to London

23:55 (21 April)



Hong Kong to London

00:35 (22 April)



Hong Kong to Frankfurt

23:50 (21 April)



Hong Kong to Amsterdam

00:15 (22 April)







Paris to Hong Kong

14:00 (21 April)

Delayed till 21:30 (21 April)


Rome to Hong Kong

12:40 (21 April)

Delayed till 22:10 (21 April)


Milan to Hong Kong

13:25 (21 April)

Delayed till 22:30 (21 April)


Below are details of additonal flights from Europe:



London to Hong Kong

Time TBC (21 April)



Frankfurt to Hong Kong

Time TBC (21 April)



(All times local)