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Cathay Pacific Airways Group held 2010 Worldwide Cargo, Marketing & Sales Conference first time in Taipei

25 Jun 2010

Between 22nd to 24th June, Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair held their 2010 worldwide Cargo and Passenger Sales Conferences in Taipei. In total, nearly 600 staff from all around the world gathered in Taiwan for the conference, including more than 70 staff from the Mainland.

The conferences outlined and discussed development plans for the airline group. The core strategy for both cargo and passenger marketing and sales is teamwork. Key speakers went through a review of how the team worked hard to survive the difficult year of 2009 and how we can utilize this team work to achieve success in 2010 and beyond.

Cathay Pacific Airways General Manager Taiwan & Korea, Adrian Harley, said,” it’s really an honour for Taiwan to host this worldwide conference. It’s also a good opportunity to showcase Taiwan, with its combination of dynamism and hospitality to the rest of the world. All delegates in the end left with a great feeling and excitement from this conference week in Taiwan.