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Corporate Asia Miles Programme

The Corporate Asia Miles Programme is a scheme offered exclusively to customers of Corporate Travel Solutions. When tickets are purchased via Corporate Travel Solutions online, your traveller will be rewarded with Asia Miles through their personal Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles account, while the company will be credited with Corporate Asia Miles as based on the reward scheme.

The Corporate Asia Miles Account is an account to maintain mileage earned and redeemed by each corporate. As tracking for mileage is done at the point of online purchase, travellers do not need to share any corporate details at check-in, therefore no physical card for Corporate Asia Miles Account will be issued.

By default, the travel manager will be given information to access their corporate's Asia Miles account via

Asia Miles can be earned when all of these criteria are met:

  1. Tickets are booked via Corporate Travel Solutions online; and
  2. Ticketed class is eligible for Asia Miles accrual; and
  3. Individual traveller using Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles

We regret that mileage for the Corporate Asia Miles Account cannot be rewarded if individual traveller has chosen to credit their individual miles to a Frequent Flyer Programme other than The Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles.

Corporate mileage will be accounted and processed monthly, and credited into the Corporate Asia Miles Accounts within 3 months after the actual travel date.

Your company’s Travel Manager will have the password to log in to your Corporate Asia Miles Account at After log in, you will be check your account's balance and transaction history.

Your company’s Travel Manager will have the password to log in to your Corporate Asia Miles Account at After log in, you will be able to make your redemptions from any of the reward categories.

The full list of reward categories and items is available at

Your company can pre-assign up to 5 beneficiaries to your Corporate Asia Miles Account, for whom rewards can be redeemed using mileage accumulated in the Corporate Asia Miles Account.

Corporate Asia Miles Account beneficiaries can be added/changed/deleted with fee waiver.

Mileage credits are valid for three years from date of accrual, and cannot be renewed.

Yes, you can purchase Asia Miles Gift Miles™ for friends and family. The minimum purchase amount is 1,000 Asia Miles at USD32.50, with further blocks of 500 Asia Miles available at USD16.25 per block. A USD20 service fee applies per purchase transaction.

If you have 70% of the required Asia Miles to redeem the award, you can top up your account in blocks of 2,000 Asia Miles at USD60 a block.

Mileage credits cannot be transferred to any other Corporate Asia Miles Account, any Asia Miles/Marco Polo Club Accounts owned by any individual, or any other Frequent Flyer Programme.