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Cathay Pacific helps students embark on an educational journey through ‘I Can Fly’

27 Feb 2010

The latest Cathay Pacific Airways “I Can Fly” Programme took off today, with 100 Hong Kong students embarking on a journey that will see them learn all about the world of aviation and at the same time gain valuable community service experience.

The inaugural ceremony for this year’s “I Can Fly” was held at Olympian City, hosted by Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Tony Tyler with Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung and Director-General of Civil Aviation Norman Lo as officiating guests.

“I Can Fly” was launched in 2003 to give local young people the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of the aviation industry and at the same time develop a sense of commitment to their community through various social service activities.

The programme has been revamped this year to include more in-depth and comprehensive out-of-classroom learning opportunities, a wider variety of activities, and overseas learning experiences. Major activities for the 2010 “I Can Fly” include a three-day training camp, enhanced ground-school training that will cover both flight operations and inflight services, visits to key aviation facilities at Hong Kong International Airport, a photography workshop that encourages Healthy Lifestyle, and a self-designed social service programme.

All members will also have the opportunity to enjoy an educational experience overseas, such as a flying course in Adelaide, a trip to aviation facilities at the Boeing factory in Seattle, or a visit to the Airbus plant and the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Tony Tyler said: “Cathay Pacific is very pleased to welcome these 100 young people to the latest ‘I Can Fly’ programme, which I’m sure will prove to be educational and also very enjoyable. As the airline of Hong Kong we have a deep commitment to our local community and in particular to helping young people reach for their dreams. We hope ‘I Can Fly’ proves to be a formative experience for everyone taking part this year.”

Matthew Cheung said: “I am very pleased to see the ‘I Can Fly’ Programme 2009-2010 take off. Cathay Pacific not only encourages its staff members to volunteer and mentor the younger generation, it also guides young people to adapt a healthy lifestyle – a new element to the programme on top of its aviation and social services themes - making the programme more meaningful.”

Norman Lo said: “I wish that all our young participants can travel far in this unique journey - this is indeed a great opportunity for you to learn and to serve.  I also hope you all can be inspired by this programme, and that some of you may one day be able to spread your wings in the aviation industry!  While others may venture on different ambitions, I am sure that all of you will know how to make use of this opportunity to reach for your own dreams.”

Sheron Liu, a member of the 2003-2004 “I Can Fly”, and now a Cathay Pacific Customer Sales Officer as well as a staff leader for this year’s programme, said: “‘I Can Fly’ offered me a great opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of aviation knowledge and broaden my horizons. The passion shown by my staff leaders motivated me to find a job with Cathay Pacific, and I’m pleased now to share my experience with the new members.”

More information on the “I Can Fly” programme can be found on the programme website, http://icanfly.cathaypacific.com. More details of Cathay Pacific’s community activities can be found in the airline’s 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, available at www.cathaypacific.com.