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Cathay Pacific and Dragonair introduce enhanced policy for carry-on musical instruments

31 Jul 2016

Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair have enhanced their policy regarding the carriage of musical instruments, offering passengers the ability to carry instruments of larger dimensions on board.

Under the new policy, the maximum dimensions for musical instruments considered as carry-on baggage is now 93cm x 39cm x 24 cm or 36 x 15 x 9 inches (height x width x depth), an increase from the previous dimensions of 78cm x 25cm x 15cm (or 31in x 10in x 6in). Passengers are now able to carry larger musical instruments, that conform with the enhanced dimensions and are carried in a hard case, into the cabin, including clarinets, erhus, flutes, violas, trombones or violins.

Passengers can find more information on these new arrangements by visiting the ‘Musical Instruments’ section at the Cathay Pacific (www.cathaypacific.com) or Dragonair (www.dragonair.com) websites.