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Cathay Pacific upgrading to a new reservations system on 11/12 February. Web site, online check-in, ticket purchases to be unavailable for a portion of that weekend

01 Feb 2012


Cathay Pacific Airways will change over to a new passenger reservations system the weekend of 11 and 12 February. The new technology will replace an in-house system introduced in the 1980s. This will ensure Cathay Pacific can continue to meet passengers’ needs in the future.

During the transition, it will be necessary for the airline to temporarily suspend certain customer facing technology. This includes Cathay Pacific’s Web site, www.cathaypacific.com, and its mobile sites.

The airline’s flight schedule over the weekend, however, will be unaffected by the changeover.

Cathay Pacific Chief Operating Officer Ivan Chu said: “Our current system has served us well. However, just as we upgrade the products and services our customers can see and touch, we must also update our technology behind the scenes so that we can support the continued growth of our airline and the expanding expectations of our customers.”

The new Altéa reservation and inventory system is provided by Amadeus, the same reservations system used by the majority of oneworld alliance carriers. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of oneworld.

Mr Chu continued: “Preparations for this change began several years back as it is quite a massive undertaking. For example, as just one part of the process during the cutover, we will migrate more than 1 million passenger bookings between systems. Unfortunately, as we modify the reservations system and more than 40 down line systems, we’re forced to temporarily suspend some of the conveniences that our customers appreciate and count on. We appreciate their understanding and patience for these necessary measures.”

The Cathay Pacific Web site will be taken offline worldwide at approximately 3 pm Hong Kong time on Saturday, 11 February. Functionality will be brought back online in stages throughout the day on Sunday, 12 February. The majority of the site will be available by 8 pm on Sunday Hong Kong time.

Online check in and self-service kiosks at airports will also be unavailable throughout much of the weekend. Additional information on which services will be unavailable along with potential alternatives is provided on the attached “appendix.”

Cathay Pacific will be unable to sell or modify Cathay Pacific tickets from approximately 3 pm Hong Kong time on Saturday, 11 February, until the system comes back online Sunday, 12 February. Travel agents will be able to put new reservations on request, but those bookings will not be confirmed until the system resumes service. Accordingly, passengers needing to buy or change tickets or make special requests for travel on 11 or 12 February are encouraged to do so prior to that weekend.

Cathay Pacific plans to operate its normal flight schedule on the 11 and 12 February as the upgrade does not impact aircraft systems. As Cathay Pacific has always suggested, it will be necessary for passengers travelling on electronic tickets to bring a copy of their eTickets to the airport. While no expanded queuing is expected, passengers may wish to arrive at the airport earlier than normal.

In the week following the transition, Cathay Pacific’s worldwide call centres may experience higher than normal call volumes. Should that be the case, the airline will do all possible to minimise inconvenience and passengers’ patience is appreciated.

Leading up to the transition, passengers are encouraged to visit Cathay Pacific’s Web site at www.cathaypacific.com for more details. During the cutover weekend, passengers may visit Cathay Pacific’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/cathaypacific) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/cathaypacific) pages for updated information including flight status.






Flight Arrival and Departure Information

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Visit Appropriate Airport’s Web Site

Online Ticket Purchase or Changes

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Purchase tickets on or before 10 Feb.

In Person Ticket Purchase or Changes

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Purchase tickets on or before 10 Feb.

Online Check In / Print Boarding Passes

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Use online check-in by midday on 11 Feb or proceed to airport check-in counter. Online check-in is available beginning at 48 hours before flight departure.

Online Seat Selection

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Select seats on or before 10 Feb. or proceed to airport check in counter.

Special Meal Requests

Unavailable 3 pm HKT, 11 Feb., to 8 pm HKT, 12 Feb.

Special meals must be ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance. For special meals on flights 12 Feb. and 13 Feb., please order before 10 Feb.

General Information Requests

Email: WRT_Support@cathaypacific.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cathaypacific

Twitter: www.twitter.com/cathaypacific