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Cathay Pacific statement on CX715 incident

16 May 2011

Cathay Pacific confirmed that CX715 which departed from Singapore to Jakarta at 00.54 am on 16 May 2011 returned to Singapore following a stall warning from the No. 2 engine. The crew shut down the Rolls Royce engine when they received the alert.

An emergency landing was declared and the aircraft returned at 01.57 am without incident. Fire services met the aircraft on arrival. The aircraft stopped on the taxiway and sparks from the No. 2 engine were reported. They were doused by fire extinguishers.

The 136 passengers on the A330 disembarked without incident and were accommodated in hotels. Most were transferred to other flights later this morning.

Cathay Pacific and Rolls Royce are investigating the incident which has been reported to the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.

A Cathay Pacific spokesman said: "We can appreciate the concern and anxiety felt by the passengers during the incident, but our captain and his crew were in control of the situation at all times. They reacted exactly as they are trained to do, shut down the affected engine and returned the aircraft safely to Singapore.

"Our captain was full of praise for the calm and co-operative manner of the passengers, both at the time of the announcement of the flight return and their disembarkation from the aircraft via airport mobile staircase.

"We are very grateful for their calm and orderly response to the situation."