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Flights to Europe from New Zealand

Enjoy an experience you deserve on Cathay Pacific and explore our most popular European destinations from New Zealand, including United KingdomOpen a new window, FranceOpen a new window, SpainOpen a new window, ItalyOpen a new window, GermanyOpen a new window and more. 

So get inspired and book your next journey to Europe today. 

When to fly to Europe

From exploring the seas of the Mediterranean in summer, to experiencing Christmas in winter, there are an abundance of things to do in Europe all year round. Depending on what is on your bucket list, there are certain seasons that are less busy than others.

Peak season
Summer (June to August) is the ideal time to experience the European sunshine, beaches, buzz, and nightlife. Here you will see many tourists from around the world, joining you on your adventures. It is the busiest ‘peak’ time for travel in Europe.

Shoulder season
April through to mid-June and September through to October, are the months we call ‘shoulder season’. It’s less busy season than summer, and as the weather is more inviting for sightseeing, you can enjoy shorter queues while still soaking up the sun as the longer days remain.  

Off season 
The cooler months, November through to March, are what we consider as ‘off season’. These months are much quieter with tourists, and if you don’t mind the cold, they are the perfect time to explore with more locals around. Europe is also known for its abundance of Christmas markets, so be sure to rug up as you wander through. 

Our most popular European destinations

Check out the latest fares to our most popular destinations in Europe from New Zealand and book online today.

Here you’ll find the most up-to-date information regarding our current and upcoming flights across our global network.

Tips for travelling to Europe

Whether you’re travelling solo, with your children, or for business, here are our top tips for travelling to Europe.

Tips for a solo, friends or couple trip

  • Pack light You will want to explore as many cities as possible, and it’s likely you will be carrying your luggage on all types of transport to get around. Because of this, pack as lightly as you can.
  • Make friends with the locals Don’t be afraid to socialise, Europeans are friendly and can be a great help for learning the local lingo and knowing the best places to go.
  • Join a guided tour Joining a walking, biking or bus tour will give you a real understanding of the local culture and history of the city you’re in – and a good way to explore several sights in a few hours. 

Tips for a family trip

  • Plan in advance – Be prepared and plan your itinerary in advance. Travelling with kids will create incredible memories, and knowing what your plans are upfront will reduce last minute planning and stress.
  • Less is best – As tempting as it is to fit tens of cities into one trip, you and the kids will likely end up very exhausted. Pick a couple of the top places and truly explore them.
  • Escape the big cities – There are some gorgeous countryside and coastal side regions all over Europe, making for a truly relaxing holiday for you and the kids.

Tips for a business trip

  • Check the currencies – There are over 25 different currencies in Europe, so make sure to compare currency exchange rates across banks and exchange companies. Having cash on you is always handy.
  • Indulge in the local cuisine – There’s a lot to look forward to around your scheduled meetings, so explore the local cuisine – from fine dining to hearty classics.
  • Fit in some sightseeing – Make time to explore the local attractions and culture. Some tours can be arranged in the evenings, where you can be guaranteed less crowds too.

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FAQs for travelling to Europe

 Explore our list of frequently asked questions below for answers to the most common questions our customers have on flights to Europe.  

A: This depends on where you are going in Europe. Flights to Europe from New Zealand with Cathay Pacific all transit through our hub in Hong Kong, and take over 22 hours. Flying time to London from Auckland for example takes 23h 40m (Auckland to Hong Kong flight time is 11h 40m, Hong Kong to London is 12h 40m). This does not include transit time, which differs depending on what time the second leg of your flight is.

A: Yes you can book a flight with multiple cities, with a maximum of 4 cities per itinerary. Visit our multi-city and stopover page to explore your options.

A: Cathay Pacific flies to a range of destinations across Europe, from London to Paris and Amsterdam. Due to government restrictions on travel due to COVID-19, our current network has been reduced. We are working to open up more destinations as the world opens up and travel from New Zealand resumes. Feel free to see where we are currently flying, and keep an eye out as we relaunch more destinations.