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Hong Kong restrictions and quarantine

Before you travel, make sure you’ve checked the latest entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for arriving into, and transiting through, Hong Kong.

We've introduced additional passenger requirements for your added protection. Find out more.

Travel restrictions and quarantine measures in Hong Kong

Mandatory COVID-19 testing

  • All passengers arriving into Hong Kong will be required to undergo a medical test for COVID-19 upon completion of all health, immigration, customs and quarantine clearance requirements.
  • The test, which involves providing a saliva sample, will be conducted by medical professionals at the Department of Health Temporary Specimen Collection Centre at the Asia World Expo building. Passengers will receive directions and assistance when leaving the baggage claim area. Additionally, passengers will be required to wait for their test results.


Hong Kong entry restrictions and exemptions

Entry restrictions

Only residents with the following documents will be permitted to enter Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or Hong Kong Identity Card that:
    • bears the “asterisk” or “A” or “R” codes
    • bears the “C” code (provided that it is accompanied by a valid work visa or study visa)
    • bears the “U” code (Note: this type of HKID is subject to approval from Hong Kong Immigration prior to acceptance at check-in)
  • Hong Kong SAR passport or British National (Overseas) passport (with right of abode in Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong Document of Identity
  • Non-Hong Kong residents will be denied entry into Hong Kong

Entry restriction exemptions

The following passengers are exempt from the entry restrictions:

  • Passengers travelling from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan or Macao, and have not been to any other country/region in the past 14 days
  • Diplomatic/official passport holders (subject to prevailing visa requirements)
  • The spouse and children of Hong Kong residents
  • Local government personnel performing official duties
  • Personnel approved by the Hong Kong SAR government to carry out anti-epidemic work
  • Passengers holding a new entry visa to work, study, establish or join in any business, or to take up residence in Hong Kong
  • Passengers falling into this exemption category must still meet the minimum 14 days intended/permitted limit of stay in order to meet the 14 days of compulsory quarantine requirements – otherwise entry will be refused

Additional entry requirements

The Hong Kong SAR government has introduced new immigration requirements for passengers who are ending their journey in Hong Kong and have visited or transited through certain countries in the 14 days prior to arriving.

  • Passengers who have visited or transited through Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa or the United States will be required to show the following documents:
  1. A letter or certificate issued by a laboratory or healthcare institution stating:
    • name
    • passport number or Hong Kong ID card number
    • that they have undergone a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 and the result of that test was negative
    • that the sample for the test was taken within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of the flight to Hong Kong
    • Please note that this letter or certificate must be written in either English or Chinese.
  2. The original test report document from the laboratory or healthcare institution that conducted the nucleic acid test.  This document must contain the passenger’s name and passport or Hong Kong ID card number.
  3. A letter issued by the relevant authority of the government of the place in which the laboratory or healthcare institution is located. This letter must certify that the laboratory or health care institution is recognised or approved by the government. This letter must be written in English or Chinese.
    Note:  For passengers travelling from the United States, a copy of a ‘Certificate of Accreditation’ issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) , Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program is acceptable.  Passengers should contact their laboratory or healthcare provider for further information.
  4. A confirmation of a hotel room reservation in Hong Kong for no less than 14 days starting on the day of your arrival in Hong Kong. This confirmation can be either printed or shown in a digital format and must be written in English or Chinese. Please note that this is required for all passengers coming from these countries/regions – passengers who have a home or residential address in Hong Kong will also be required to undergo a 14-days of quarantine at a hotel.

To meet these new requirements, all passengers will be asked the following upon check-in:

  • To complete and sign a declaration regarding your travel history over the past 14 days. We will ask if you have visited or transited through Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa or the United States. If you answer yes, you will be required to show us the documentation mentioned above.
  • To demonstrate to us that you have completed the Hong Kong Department of Health online health declaration form by showing us the resulting QR code. This can be in a printed or digital format. 

Passengers who are unable to meet these requirements will not be accepted for travel.

Quarantine measures

The latest compulsory quarantine requirements for all passengers can be found on the Hong Kong SAR Government’s COVID-19 website.


Hong Kong transit requirements

Transit requirements

Passengers will be able to transit through Hong Kong if:

  • Their itinerary is contained in a single booking;
  • They meet the entry requirements of their final destination;
  • They have their baggage checked through to the final destination;
  • They have been issued their onward boarding pass(es) from their origin; and
  • The connection time between flights is within 24 hours.

Transit restrictions

  • Currently transiting to and from destinations in the Chinese mainland is not available.
  • All sea-to-air ferry services (Greater Bay Area to Hong Kong) and air-to-sea ferry services (Hong Kong to Greater Bay Area) are also suspended.