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Dragonair Introduces Steamed Rice in Hot Pot Casserole on Inflight Menu

21 Dec 2010

(HONG KONG) First Class passengers on Dragonair flights can now savour an authentic seasonal menu featuring ‘Steamed Rice in Hot Pot Casserole’. The seasonal menu was first introduced inflight in 2008 and has been so well received by passengers, the menu is being run again with a number of new tasty dishes on the menu.

Premium travellers on flights between Hong Kong and Beijing/Shanghai are now able to enjoy a range of hot pot dishes until 15 March next year. Steamed Rice in Hot Pot Casserole is a popular local Hong Kong dish for winter, incorporating a wide range of seasonal ingredients.

Dragonair Inflight Services General Manager Cecilia Leung said: “It’s a big challenge to serve Hot Pot Steamed Rice onboard due to the constraints of inflight environment and equipment.

“But our goal is to bring the best local tasty dishes to passengers and the Dragonair catering team and catering service provider put a great deal of effort into selecting the finest ingredients, ensuring they had the right rice-to-water ratio and designing the best way to heat up and serve the dishes inflight.

“This complicated dish also requires several steps to be executed by the cabin crew inflight before presentation and, without their help and expertise, it would not possible to offer these wonderful seasonal tastes to our passengers,” Cecilia adds.

The seasonal menu consists of over 16 popular dishes including:

On flights from Hong Kong to Beijing / Shanghai

  • Spareribs with Dried Oyster and Chinese Preserved Vegetable *
  • Chicken & Chinese Preserved Sausages with Abalone
  • Cod Fish with Dried Ham, Mushroom and Prawn Cake *
  • Beef Pattie with Abalone
  • Chicken with Cordyceps, Cuttlefish and Yellow Fungus *
  • Assorted Seafood *
  • Pork Belly with Dried Shrimp and Silver Fish *
  • Chicken with Dried Scallop and Octopus *

    * Newly introduced in 2010

    Other dishes available on flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Hong Kong include Pork Ribs with Dried Scallop and Garlic, Cod Fish and Scallop with Deep Fried Garlic, and Chicken and Chinese Preserved Sausage with Fresh Ginseng and Chinese Wolfberries.

    In addition, Dragonair also partners with renowned and Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, including Dynasty Restaurant from Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong, JW's California from JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, and Lei Garden Restaurant to bring authentic cuisine to passengers onboard.

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