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Mobility aids and assistive devices

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Mobility Aid is defined as an assistive device that is used by individuals with mobility impairments such as cane and walker, crutch and wheelchair.

Assistive Device is defined as any piece of equipment that assists a passenger with a disability to cope with the effects of his or her disability. Such devices are intended to assist a passenger with a disability to hear, see, communicate, manoeuvre or perform other functions of daily life and may include medical devices and medications. Equipment used by a service animal (e.g. harness, leash, vest) in conjunction with its work as a service animal is also an assistive device. However food is not equipment and therefore when tendered as carry on or check baggage, the standard size, weight, and baggage allowance limits may apply.

Mobility aids and assistive devices that are carried by the passenger can be accepted without charge as specified in the table below in addition to the baggage allowance, provided that the equipment is necessary for the journey.


From/To Destinations in the US Other Destinations
No limit on assistive devices and mobility aids in addition to the free baggage allowance One assistive device and two pieces of mobility aids per passenger in addition to the free baggage allowance.

For the passenger travelling on two or more sectors e.g. Manila - Hong Kong - Los Angeles where there are different baggage policies for mobility aids and assistive devices, the most generous policy shall apply to all sectors.