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Situation in Europe still unclear, says Cathay Pacific

20 Apr 2010

A Cathay Pacific spokesman said today the situation in Europe remained extremely uncertain for air travel, as a new eruption of the Iceland volcano had caused further dispersal of ash over the United Kingdom and northern Europe.

"The announcement of the partial lifting of the flight ban over Europe last night (HK time) by EU Transport Ministers provided some hope that the situation was clearing, but the subsequent new volcanic eruption has changed the situation once again," the spokesman said.

"The latest official forecast for the spread of the ash shows no improvement to the situation, and aviation authorities in various parts of Europe have this morning issued what amounts to a no-fly zone over the affected area.

It is extremely difficult under these circumstances to plan resumption of our services, and Cathay Pacific continue to monitor the situation on an hourly basis.

“We are liaising with airlines which have indicated they plan to resume some services in Europe.”

In the meantime, however, the spokesman noted that tonight's scheduled flight to Rome and the Milan service which departs shortly after midnight will go ahead.

"Rome and to some extent Milan are the only European services we have been able to maintain since last Thursday and we will continue to run these services while we can," the spokesman added.

"We will continue to stay in touch with our passengers and the public and will issue fresh information as it comes to hand."