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Cathay Pacific clears all stranded passengers as final additional flight gets set to depart London

23 Dec 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced that the third and final additional flight mounted to clear passengers stranded by the snowstorms in London will depart from Heathrow International Airport today (Thursday, 23 December) at 2.30 pm UK time. When the flight, CX8250, lands in Hong Kong at around 10 am local time on Friday, the airline will have cleared the backlog of Hong Kong-bound passengers in London.

The airline is now operating according to its normal schedule, with four flights per day in each direction between London and Hong Kong. With the backlog of stranded passengers now cleared, it has no plans to operate any more additional flights.

Cathay Pacific made a big effort to get passengers home in time to spend Christmas with their loved ones, having already operated two additional flights from Manchester Airport on Tuesday and Wednesday. The airline moved about 600 passengers by bus from London to ensure they could get home as soon as possible.

During the height of the disruptions, Cathay Pacific arranged to look after hundreds of young students and passengers with special needs in the ballroom of the Park Inn Hotel, sending staff from Hong Kong to help its London team look after those who were left stranded. The airline closed down its operation at the hotel late on Wednesday night but arranged rooms at the Park Inn for the small number of students still waiting to get back to Hong Kong.

“We are pleased that we have now been able to clear the backlog of passengers from London Heathrow and that everyone will be home in time for Christmas,” a Cathay Pacific spokesperson said. “The snowstorms caused severe disruptions to airlines operating out of Heathrow and we thank all our passengers for their patience and understanding.”