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Cathay Pacific statement on CX839 / CX838

16 May 2010

Cathay Pacific today confirmed that our flight CX838 from Hong Kong to Vancouver – an A340 with 283 passengers and 14 crew on board – landed safely at 04.37 am Hong Kong time at the Vancouver International Airport following a bomb hoax.

The Vancouver Airport Authority had earlier received an anonymous bomb threat regarding CX839 (Vancouver to Hong Kong, 272 passengers) shortly before the landing of CX838 which involves the same A340 aircraft. As a precaution, two military jets escorted the CX838 as it came into land. The jets did not land with CX838, but returned to their base.

CX838 was parked at a remote secure area of the airport for a thorough security search and further screening of the baggage on board.

The same aircraft has now been cleared by the Vancouver airport and security authorities to depart for Hong Kong as flight CX839. The departure time has been delayed from 06.05 am HK time to 10.34 am HK time.

Cathay Pacific has been in close communication with the airport authorities in Hong Kong and Vancouver, Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department and the Police on the incident.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are conducting an investigation into the bomb hoax and at this stage it is inappropriate for us to comment any further.

Cathay Pacific would like to express our sincere appreciation to Canada's Department of Defense, the RCMP, and all the personnel at Vancouver International Airport for their help and support in handling the case. It is due in no small measure to their professionalism and rapid response that everyone on the board the flight felt safe and undisturbed by the bomb hoax.