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Cathay Pacific advises passengers on London flights to check latest flight information (#2)

19 Dec 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today (Sunday, 19 December) announced that as London Heathrow airport would remain closed for flight departures and arrivals on Sunday UK time, the following flights will be cancelled:

All four flights (CX252, CX250, CX256 and CX254) that are scheduled for departure from London today UK time (19 December) with arrival in Hong Kong on 20 December HK time will be cancelled.

In addition to the three flights (CX257, CX251 and CX255 after midnight) scheduled for departure from Hong Kong to London today HK time that have already been cancelled, CX253 will also be cancelled. Customers whose flights have been affected are advised not to go the airport.

As for flights scheduled for departure from Hong Kong tomorrow HK time (20 December), we are monitoring the situation closely and will make announcements as soon as possible.

Cathay Pacific will assist affected passengers with alternative arrangements. Customers are advised to check the status of their flight at the airline’s website, www.cathaypacific.com, before departing for the airport.

Customers are also advised to input their contact details in the Manage My Booking function at the website to ensure they get the latest flight information via SMS or email.

The airline will also waive all rebooking charge/reissuance fee for Cathay Pacific tickets issued worldwide on or before 18 December 2010 for travel involving London between 18 and 21 December 2010. Please check details on www.cathaypacific.com.