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About your flight

You can check the latest flight status for flights departing in the past four days, today, and the next three days. For departures outside this period, please refer to our flight timetable.

Your latest booking information and flight arrangement can be viewed in Manage Booking. To receive updates on your flight, please download our app for iOS or Android, and enable push notifications. You can also choose to receive updates via text messages or email.

Due to the number of countries currently imposing entry restrictions, we suggest all customers modify their travel plans, and avoid non-essential travel during this time.

Our airport teams will accept passengers on flights based on the latest updates from the relevant immigration authorities at the time of check-in. Please view the latest travel restriction information prior to arriving at the airport.

If you’ve been accepted on a flight, and your port of arrival rejects the landing of your flight, we’ll fly you back to your port of origin according to ICAO’s Inadmissible Persons (INAD) standards.

Please note that flight certificates are not available for customers whose trips have been disrupted by coronavirus-related travel restrictions.

If you have private travel insurance and need to make an expense claim, you may use our travel restriction page or email notification as a reference for your insurance claim.

We understand the evolving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our members’ ability to travel and may continue to impact their travel plans for some months to come. Marco Polo Club will automatically renew the current tier level of Green, Silver, Gold and Diamond members whose membership period expires from May 2020 to April 2021 for another 12 months, even if the normal requirement is not met.

For more information, please visit the Automatic tier renewal page.

Making changes to your booking

In light of the current situation, we are waiving rebooking, rerouting and cancellation fees for flights that meet certain criteria. Please refer to Refunds and rebooking for details.

If you’ve purchased your ticket through a travel agent – including third-party websites such as Expedia or SkyScanner – you must go back to that travel agent to process any refunds or changes. We are unable to change these bookings on or at our Contact Centre.

No, we are not charging fees for rebooking, however there might be a miles difference if your new flight isn’t available in the originally booked category.

If your departure is more than seven days away, please contact Asia Miles through this web form – their team will respond to you via email or phone call within five days.

If your departure flight is within seven days, please contact Asia Miles via their Live Chat.

Please contact your local travel agent to discuss your flight arrangements.

Cancellations and refunds

Please refer to our travel advisory for more information.

If your flight has been cancelled, you will receive an email from us.

For refunds:

If you have booked through, log in to Manage booking to apply for a refund.

Please don’t be concerned if you are charged a cancellation fee. We will automatically reimburse this fee to your original method of payment. This may take a bit of time, please bear with us while it’s processed.

I have been put on a new flight, but it’s not suitable:

If you have booked through, log in to Manage booking to select a new flight, or you can contact our Contact Centre for more options.

If you bought your ticket through a travel agent or a third-party website, please contact them for information and alternative arrangements.

Can you put me on another airline?

We will try our best to re-accommodate you on a Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon flight. In the case where we have suspended a route, we will offer you a refund.

If you’re holding a partially-used Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon ticket, we will refund the part of your journey that has not been flown.

If you’ve booked with us on, mobile app or through Contact Centre, please request your refund through Manage booking. Otherwise please contact your travel agent.

Please don’t be concerned if you are charged a cancellation fee (for flights that meet the refund requirements). Due to a technical limitation, we are not able to remove this fee from the automated refund process. However, you can contact our Global Contact Centre to request a refund for the cancellation fee. This may take a bit of time, please bear with us while it’s processed.

Your refund takes 7 working days for tickets involving US sectors. Otherwise, it will take up to 45 calendar days.

We have received a large increase in refund requests as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. While we are doing everything we can to process your refund quickly, this process may take longer than usual. We apologise for any delays and thank you for your patience during this busy period.

Health and safety

Please refer to the below table for more information about travelling with health-related items.

Type Allowed in cabin baggage Allowed in check-in baggage Restrictions for cabin/check-in baggage
Medical masks, N95 medical masks, goggles and protective clothing  
Disinfectant Alcohol-based disinfectant (e.g. hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes/pad, rubbing alcohol, etc.) For cabin baggage:
Do not exceed a maximum volume of 100ml for each item.
Should be carried in one reasonable, transparent plastic bag no more than 1L in capacity per passenger.

For check-in baggage:
Item(s) should be packed into your checked baggage.
The total net quantity must not exceed 2kg or 2L per passenger, and the net quantity of each single item must not exceed 0.5kg or 0.5L.
Oxidising liquids or solids like bleach, bleaching powder and peroxides X X  
Thermometer Mercury thermometer X Mercury thermometers are restricted to one per passenger. They must be placed in a protective box, and are only permitted to be carried in checked baggage.
Digital thermometer If the digital thermometer contains a lithium battery, the rated energy of the lithium battery must not exceed 100Wh, or the lithium content must not exceed 2g.

Digital thermometers that are powered by a non-removable lithium battery are restricted to a maximum of 15 per passenger, and can be transported in cabin or checked baggage.

Devices in checked baggage must be completely switched off (not in sleep or hibernation mode) and must be protected from damage.

Please refer to the Hong Kong Department of Health website for the guidelines on hygienic measures and prevention control.

Throughout their journey, we recommend that passengers:

  • Carry alcohol-based handrub
  • Observe good personal hygiene
  • Wear a face covering in situations where physical distancing (minimum 2 metres) is not possible

A temporary modified inflight service has been introduced on Mainland China flights to strengthen our health and safety protocols. Amenities including hot towels, pillows, blankets and magazines will not be offered to passengers in any classes during this period. These changes will enable us to provide enhanced protection for our customers and crew.