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Corporate Travel Solutions

As the two leading airlines in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon have the experience and expertise to support the business travel needs of your company.

Corporate Travel Solutions
Corporate Travel Solutions is an online travel programme that helps your company make the most out of its busy travel schedule. Companies that spend a minimum of KRW10,000,000 per annum on air travel to Hong Kong and beyond are eligible to join and enjoy its unique benefit!


Companies that spend a minimum of KRW10,000,000 per annum on air travel to Hong Kong and beyond, are eligible to join. Each company must have a minimum of three employees flying annually, to Hong Kong and beyond.


  1. Asia Miles credits for the company's Corporate Asia Miles Account (in addition to The Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles credits for individual travellers);
  2. Highly competitive Business, Premium Economy (on applicable routes) & Economy Class fares to Hong Kong and beyond;
  3. Complimentary Marco Polo Club membership (Green Card);
  4. Ability to book and manage travel on-line.

Getting Started:
Companies are required to complete a registration form, which will be evaluated by Cathay Pacific Airways. Once successfully registered, companies will be notified via email and will be assigned a unique ID & password. The ID will enable a company’s employees to become registered users of Cathay Pacific Corporate Travel Solutions. Membership is free, join now!

If you have other questions on Corporate Travel Solutions, please contact us.


More on Corporate Asia Miles Programme:
Asia Miles are accumulated in the Corporate Asia Miles Account when registered employees purchase eligbile fares through Corporate Travel Solutions, and travel with their Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles memberships.

When registered travellers of your company travel with tickets purchased via Corporate Travel Solutions online, not only will they be rewarded with Asia Miles, in addition, your company will also earn Asia Miles in the Corporate Asia Miles Account, allowing benefits to be accumulated and shared on a company level.

How the programme works
Your company will be given a unique Corporate Asia Miles Account Number upon registration approval. After your traveller purchases a ticket via Corporate Travel Solutions and flies on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon, miles will be credited to their personal Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles account in the usual manner.

Asia Miles will be credited to your Corporate Asia Miles Account quarterly, based on the following scheme:

Asia Miles Earned = Total Travellers’ Asia Miles Earned Quarterly x Corporate Accumulation Percentage



Travel Frequency within a Quarter
Corporate Accumulation Percentage

Economy Class Premium Economy Class Business Class
10-19 30% 45% 60%
20 or above 50% 75% 100%

Please visit www.asiamiles.com to find out how many miles you can earn on your next trip and to redeem the benefits!

Special bonus offer: Enjoy a one-off bonus of 2,000 Miles to be accumulated in the Corporate Asia Miles Account when your company makes its first usage of Corporate Travel Solutions fares, making it quicker and easier for your company to redeem awards!


Customised Travel Solutions
If your annual travel spend on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon is KRW20,000,000 or more, we also have Customised Travel Solutions available for you. To help us understand your company’s unique business needs, please provide your travel information here.