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Dragonair Rolls Out “Stylish China” Travel Campaign

08 Jun 2011

(HONG KONG) Dragonair is rolling out a marketing campaign entitled “Travel China in Style”, to impart the message that China is a chic, trendy leisure destination catering to all lifestyles and tastes.

The campaign has two elements: that Dragonair is the preferred choice to Mainland China, through Hong Kong’s “golden gateway”; and that China is a convenient, attractive leisure destination fully geared to the demands of modern tourism and suitable for different lifestyle groups.

Six themes are highlighted, namely City Scene, Special Moments, Relax & Recharge; Body, Mind & Spirit; Cultural Journeys; and Action Adventure. The themes illustrate new ways to experience China, and serve as inspiration for travellers to create their own unique journeys based on their interests. The new ads blend photography with illustrations by Casper Chan, a Hong Kong-born graphic designer, illustrator and stylist now based in London. The effect is fresh, young and contemporary, underpinning the message of the campaign.

The campaign is being rolled out from now until August through a wide range of print, outdoor and online platforms. A dedicated campaign website is also developed (www.dragonair.com/travelchina) with customer engagement activities including a travel tips contest with fabulous prizes to be launched later this month.

“Mainland China is a key market for Dragonair. As a Hong Kong home carrier, Dragonair connects the world to China through Hong Kong. The new campaign enhances the association between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Dragonair, says Chief Executive Officer James Tong.

“This is an extremely important factor, given that the world will be looking at the aviation market of China and the rest of the Asia region to provide the main driving force for its future development. In order to keep Hong Kong well equipped to take full advantage of such development and further strengthen its position as the premier gateway to Mainland China, the local aviation industry must stay in the forefront of the competition, not only in terms of airline services, but also infrastructure. It is vital, therefore, that a third runway is built at Hong Kong International Airport.”