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Sixteen Young Cadets Ready to Fly as Fifth Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme Launches

23 Apr 2010

(HONG KONG) The Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year with 16 cadets, aged 18 to 23, looking forward to taking part in the eight-month programme.

The Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme, a joint initiative of Dragonair and the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, is designed to offer the youth in Hong Kong firsthand experience in various aspects of aviation so as to nurture talents for the aviation industry in Hong Kong.

The participating cadets will receive training, briefings and tours from a wide spectrum of aviation-related organisations and bodies in the next eight months, with a Dragonair pilot as their mentor.

Officiating at the inaugural dinner yesterday were Director General of Civil Aviation Norman Lo, Dragonair Chief Executive Officer James Tong and Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps Commanding Officer Group Captain Jones Wong.

Among those attending the ceremony were the cadet graduates, Dragonair pilots who will act as their mentors throughout the programme and representatives from various supporting organisations.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Mr Norman Lo urged the cadets to treasure the invaluable opportunity and open their minds to learning as much as possible through the special programme which will lay a solid foundation for their future careers.

“I would like to thank Dragonair for running such a successful programme which is demonstrative of the airline’s commitment and effort in sustaining the long term development of the local aviation industry,” Mr Lo said.

Mr James Tong said: “Dragonair is very much a part of the Hong Kong community. We have grown with Hong Kong over the last 25 years. And our long-term future is with Hong Kong. That is why we at Dragonair place so much emphasis on the Aviation Certificate Programme.

“The Programme nurtures an enthusiasm for aviation and a spirit of community involvement among our young people in Hong Kong. Their experience as they go through the programme means a lot to our airline and our future,” Mr Tong added.

Group Captain Wong shared the old slogan used by McDonnell Douglas, a historic aircraft manufacturer, with the cadets.

“Capture a sunset, ride with the wind. Taste freedom only the eagles have known. For yours is the freedom of knowing you have flown!

“I hope all the cadets treasure the opportunity, spread their wings and gear up to meet the challenges ahead,” he said.

Ms Claudia Sin graduated from the programme in 2006 and will become a Second Officer at Dragonair in June. She was present at the launch ceremony to share her valuable experience with the new recruits.

Mr Tong also thanked the Dragonair pilot mentors for their dedication to the programme in donating their time to help the cadets learn about the aviation industry and guide them through the programme.

He also thanked the aviation-related organisations and companies for the support they have shown over the years, including the programme co-organiser the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps.

Other supporting organisations include the Airport Authority Hong Kong, Aviation Security Company Limited, the Civil Aviation Department, the Government Flying Service, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, and the Airport Meteorological Office of the Hong Kong Observatory.

The Aviation Certificate Programme first launched in September 2005 and 50 young cadets have already benefited from it over the first four years of the programme. Some of them have gone on to start careers in the local aviation industry, including working as pilots for Dragonair.