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Cathay Pacific statement on CX270 / CX271 on 27 June

29 Jun 2010

Cathay Pacific extends its apology to the 375 passengers on CX270, originally scheduled to depart to Hong Kong from Amsterdam at 2.05 pm local time on 27 June, which was delayed due to the need for an engine change.

About 50 minutes before landing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, the crew of the Boeing 747-400 that operated CX271 from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, detected a problem with the no. 3 engine of the 4-engine aircraft and shut down the relevant engine as a precautionary measure. The flight landed normally without incident at Amsterdam airport. At no time was the safety of the 377 passengers onboard in question. Cathay Pacific has informed Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department of the incident.

As safety and strict maintenance standards are always a top priority at Cathay Pacific, the airline decided to change the engine. Six engineers flew to Amsterdam from Hong Kong yesterday (28 June) on a Cathay Pacific freighter carrying the replacement engine.

Like other major international airlines, we maintain an inventory of critical and frequently required spare parts in our major operating ports throughout the Cathay Pacific network. We also have access to an IATA pool of parts from other airlines which we use when appropriate and available. In addition, it is very rare for airlines to maintain an entire engine as a spare outside its home base.

It is expected that the aircraft will resume its flight to Hong Kong as CX270D at 8 pm tonight local time (2 am Hong Kong time 30 June).

While Cathay Pacific has been able to arrange seats for 284 passengers on other airlines on 27 June, 28 June and the morning of 29 June to continue their journey to Hong Kong, there are 91 passengers who will fly back to Hong Kong on CX270D today.

A Cathay Pacific spokeswoman explained that the airline had tried very hard to arrange seats on its own and other airlines for the affected passengers, but the beginning of the summer peak season had made this difficult. The airline has arranged hotel accommodation, meal services and long-distance phone calls for affected passengers.

“We very much regret the inconvenience caused to our customers by the long delay and we have done everything possible in the circumstances to respond to their needs,” she said.