Cathay Pacific Airways

Action Code: Change

Membership number: $membershipNumber

Member’s last name: $memberLastName

Member’s first name: $memberFirstName

Member’s tier: $memberTier

Benefit entitlement type: $entitlementType

Benefit entitlement ID: $entitlementID

Booking reference number: $rlocNumber

e-ticket number: $eTicketNumber

Claimed Passenger’s last name: $passengerLastName

Claimed Passenger’s first name: $passengerFirstName

Flight date: $flightDate

Flight number: $carrierCode$flightNumber

Flight Origin: $flightOrigin

Flight Destination: $flightDestination

Flight ticketed booking class: $originalClass

Bookable upgrade claim request submission date-time stamp: $requestTime

RLOC to be cancelled: $originalRLOC

Communication email for request result: $communicationEmail

Contact phone number: $contactPhoneNumber


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