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Dragonair boosts passenger experience with new First Class seat and other inflight products

16 Dec 2013

(HONG KONG) Dragonair today unveiled its brand-new First Class seat together with a range of inflight products that will further enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

The product announcement was made at a media event hosted by Dragonair Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung. Speaking at the event, Mr Yeung said: “At Dragonair, we look at every single detail of what we offer our passengers in order to examine how to better meet their needs. We strive to provide the best – from the quality of the seats and other product details to the food we serve inflight. We are very excited about the latest product developments we are announcing today.”

Earlier this year, Dragonair announced a comprehensive upgrade in its cabins, with new Business Class and Economy Class seats and a new inflight entertainment system, StudioKA, providing full audio and video on demand in all classes.

Dragonair Chief Executive Officer Patrick Yeung said: “With the rollout of our new First Class, we can ensure that the journeys of all passengers, in all classes of travel, are even more relaxing and enjoyable. This overhaul of our inflight offering demonstrates our commitment to offer superior products and services to our passengers, and also underlines Dragonair’s commitment to long-term expansion and development.” 

Dragonair’s new First Class seat is a passenger-led design that aims to refine comfort, versatility and function. Every aspect of the new product has been thoughtfully designed around the passenger’s needs.

Inflight shopping has become another integral part of the overall passenger experience, and at today’s event Dragonair unveiled a new line-up of items for sale in the first quarter of 2014. The full range of more than 350 products, with over 140 new items and a number of Dragonair-exclusive items as well as a selection of products from social enterprises, will be available for sale in the January-March issue of emporium, the airline’s inflight shopping magazine.

Mr Yeung said: “Passenger tastes and lifestyles have changed in recent years and inflight sales is now about much more than duty-free shopping. At Dragonair we have been working hard to enhance the inflight shopping experience in recent years, moving from simply selling duty-free alcohol or perfumes to offering passengers a more sophisticated shopping experience with an ever-increasing choice. We also want to highlight our commitment to the community, and in the upcoming season we will support new Hong Kong social enterprises by selling their products onboard.  We hope that while enjoying their inflight shopping, passengers join us to give something to the community.”

At today’s media event, Dragonair also showcased its latest seasonal inflight menu which features a variety of Chinese-style hot pot rice dishes. Offering a healthy alternative for passengers, this season’s hot pot rice dishes feature fungi, including a variety of mushrooms, as the key ingredients and consist of six brand new dishes in First Class and six in Business Class on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai.

The airline’s inflight food menus are always well received among passengers. Earlier this year, Dragonair invited passengers to vote for their favourite Asian and Western dishes in different classes through a social media campaign. Over a six-week period the airline’s dedicated social media sites received more than a million views. The 36 dishes that received the most votes from fans are now being served on selected routes until mid-April 2014.  


Please see the following Appendixes for more details:

1. Dragonair’s New First Class

2. Dragonair’s New Inflight Sales Items (First quarter 2014)

3. Dragonair’s New Seasonal Menu – Steamed Rice in Hot Pot Casserole Menu

4. Dragonair’s Most Voted Signature Inflight Menu


Appendix 1:

Dragonair’s New First Class

In order to further differentiate its product and maintain standards of excellence, Dragonair has developed a new First Class product for its three-class Airbus A330-300 aircraft. The aim is to enhance the overall First Class passenger experience, providing passengers a space in which to sleep, dine, work, read, watch TV or simply relax. The new First Class product will be installed on Dragonair’s three-class A330-300s, with the first due to enter service in the late first quarter of 2014.

The New First Class Cabin

As passengers enter the cabin, they immediately appreciate the sense of space and openness. Clean, sculpted lines define private seats with direct aisle access. Warm-tone natural leather is used on most interior surfaces of the seat for a luxurious feel and soft touch. Abstract patterns, richly woven fabrics and original artwork harmonise to create a warm, premium residential feel.

Storage Space

The instant a passenger steps into their private area, they notice the generous space available in the Side Storage, which is sufficient for handbags or laptop cases.

A Side Cabinet and a Shoe Locker provide storage for small valuables and personal belongings. A Vanity Mirror is concealed under a flap inside the Side Cabinet door. During the flight the Side Cabinet can be fixed in the open position to double as a privacy screen.

Living Space

Settling into the contemporary wing-back chair, passengers are cocooned in their own private area which has been sculpted to maximise living space. Individual privacy is assured without compromising freedom of movement. 

Direct Window View

The outboard seats are gently angled towards the windows, giving passengers a perfect view. 

Seat Controls

Everything passengers need to control their environment is close at hand. The Entertainment Handset operates a widescreen on-demand entertainment system. A premium-car-style Seat Controller enables passengers to adjust their seat at the touch of a button - from upright, through the relax position and into a fully flat bed.

The Bed

A long, wide bed allows passengers to sleep in any position. The foams have been ergonomically designed to optimise comfort for sitting, relaxing or sleeping.

A novel feature called the Bed Extension deploys automatically as the seat transforms into a bed, increasing the bed width. The Retractable Armrest can be lowered to further increase sleeping space or raised to act as a privacy screen.

Companion Travel

The centre seats are gently angled towards each other, making them perfect for those travelling with a companion. When a passenger is reclined into the seat with the screen deployed, privacy is assured. However at the touch of a button the seat slides forward, allowing passengers to interact with their travel companions over a central Cocktail Table.

Work and Entertainment Features

The large Cocktail Table can be used in conjunction with the main table to allow passengers to spread out while they work. A Reading Light can be adjusted for brightness and angle.

Dragonair’s entertainment is now upgraded to an Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) system to allow passengers to select their own choice of movies and music during the flight.

Each seat is equipped with a universal Power Supply outlet to keep electronic devices fully charged. A Multi-port Connector includes an RCA port, an iPhone/iPod connector and a USB port. The RCA and the iPhone/iPod connector allow passengers to connect their own devices and watch video through the Personal TV. The USB port can be used to charge devices such as mobile phones and tablet devices.

Comparison between current First Class and new First Class


Current First Class

New First Class

Seat type

Angled flat bed

Fully flat bed

Seat width



Bed length (usable)



Bed length (tip-to-tip)



Bed width


27.6” (with bed extension & armrest retracted)

Bed angle


Fully flat bed




Headrest movement

6-way movement

6-way movement

Entertainment system

Broadcast system

Audio Video On Demand

Multi-port connector

Not available

iPhone/iPod/iPad, USB ports

PC Power to each seat




Appendix 2:

Dragonair’s New Inflight Sales Items (First quarter 2014)

Dragonair’s inflight shopping features an amazing variety of products that cater for passengers’ needs in different ways. To make shopping even easier, the airline already provides home delivery services in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

a.    Some of the new Dragonair-exclusive items:

-   TINA'S CHOICE Golden Clutch by Sarah's Bag

-   CHANEL Vintage Jewellery

-   FOLLI FOLLIE K-Vintage Wallet

-   BARBARA RIHL Around the World Runway Mini Shopper

-   DRAGONAIR Year of the Horse Soft Toy

b.    Some of the new Home Delivery items:

-   CRABTREE AND EVELYN Deluxe Gift: Fine Foods and Lavender Indulgence

-   LALIQUE Kazak Horse Gold Lustre

-   LE CREUSET Heart Casserole Set

-   VINVAUTZ Wine Cellar (18 bottles)

-   PIQUADRO Soft Leather Cabin Trolley

c.    Some of the Social Enterprises and Charitable items:

-   amm x rwb330 Positive Hong Kong Bearwhiteblue Denim Bag *


-   rwb330 "We Love Hong Kong" Magnet – Dim Sum Set *

-   LOVE + HOPE L Plus H Day-to-Night Clutches *

*New items from 2 social enterprises:

Love + Hope

L Plus H’s products are all 100% made in Hong Kong by workers who lost their jobs because of factory relocations to Mainland China during the 1980s. The brand aims to help these workers regain their confidence and attain skills that reach an international standard.


Produced by New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, the Bearwhiteblue product series reflects Hong Kong culture with the classic carry-bag colours.  rwb330, featuring designs that use the classic red, white and blue fabric of Hong Kong carry bags, is a social enterprise that aims to provide work and training to people recovering from mental illness.

d.    Some of the Best Selling items:

-   LA MER Creme (60ml)

-   TALIKA Light DUO® Collagen Booster and Skin Lightener

-   PLANTRONICS BackBeat GO 2 Active Edition Wireless Ear-buds

-   MONTBLANC Starwalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen

-   LUMI-NOX Navy SEAL Colormark 3051.BO Black-out Watch

Appendix 3:

Dragonair’s New Seasonal Menu – Steamed Rice in Hot Pot Casserole

Dragonair’s seasonal menus consider the dining enjoyment of passengers in different seasons of the year, including poon choi in spring, winter melon soup in summer and crab roe dishes in the autumn.

The latest hot pot rice dishes feature various types of fungi, including mushrooms. A wide selection of premium mushrooms has been incorporated into the new dishes to bring a healthy element into this Hong Kong delicacy. Some of the fungi and mushrooms are prized for their ability to help the body maintain warmth and strength during the winter season, while others can help to lower cholesterol levels and control blood pressure.

a.    First Class (Available on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai from 16 December 2013 to 31 March 2014)

b.    Business Class (Available on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai from 1 November 2013 to 31 January 2014)

Appendix 4:

Dragonair’s Most Voted Signature Inflight Menu

Among the dishes voted for through Dragonair’s social media channels, it was found that those with richer flavours such as sweet and sour sauce, abalone sauce and satay were the most well-liked. This may be due to the fact that human taste buds are not as sensitive in the air as they are on the ground. Amongst the winning dishes in each category, seafood and fish dishes were more popular among passengers. Amongst various Asian cuisines, Chinese came out on top while Japanese food was another clear favourite among passengers.

a.    First Class (Available on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai from 1 October 2013 to 15 April 2014)

b.    Business Class (Available on flights from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai from 1 October 2013 to 15 April 2014)