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'Best Chinese Food in the Air' promotion takes new dishes by renowned Hong Kong chefs into the sky

20 Sep 2010

Cathay Pacific Airways today announced the launch of a brand new “Best Chinese Food in the Air” promotion – “Chinese Chef Spectacular” – which will see the airline’s First Class and Business Class passengers enjoying dishes from the top culinary talent in Hong Kong.

The latest promotion runs over a six-month period and offers passengers the chance to taste creations from the following six highly renowned local chefs: (in alphabetical order)

Chef Chan Sui-kei
Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers
Chef Kenny Chan Kai-tak
Yunyan Sichuan Restaurant, The Miramar Group
Chef Cheng Kam-fu
Celebrity Cuisine
Chefs Lau Kin-wai & Lau Chun (father & son)
Kin’s Kitchen & Yellow Door Kitchen
Chef Li Shu-tim
One Harbour Road, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

Around 20 favourite dishes designed by each chef will feature on Cathay Pacific’s inflight menus from 1 August 2010 to 31 January 2011 for the majority of flights departing from Hong Kong. Dishes being served include steamed cod with termite mushrooms from the Celestial Court’s Chef Chan; sautéed prawns in garlic and chilli sauce by Yunyan Sichuan Restaurant, The Miramar Group’s Chef Chan; braised abalone with chicken and vegetables by Celebrity Cuisine’s Chef Cheng; Kin's smoke chicken from Kin’s Kitchen and chicken and shredded leek with spicy sauce topped with minced peanut from the Yellow Door Kitchen’s Chefs Lau Kin-wai and Lau Chun and pan-fried scallops filled with shrimp mousse in pumpkin sauce by Chef Li from One Harbour Road.

Cathay Pacific Manager Catering Services Charles Grossrieder said: “We are pleased to continue offering passengers a great inflight dining experience through ‘Best Chinese Food in the Air’, which has been running for more than a decade. It is a great pleasure to work together with some of our home city’s most outstanding chefs. Both Cathay Pacific and our six partner chefs are famed for delivering top-notch products and we are sure passengers will enjoy the results of this latest collaboration.”

The “Best Chinese Food in the Air” concept was launched in 2000 with the aim of continuously enhancing the range and quality of Chinese food served on Cathay Pacific flights and, at the same time, promoting Hong Kong’s position as one of the world’s gourmet capitals. Over the past 10 years the airline has worked with renowned Hong Kong restaurants, chefs and food experts to create a series of Chinese food promotions that offer passengers a real taste of Hong Kong.

Profiles of the “Superior Chinese Chefs”:

Chef Chan Sui-kei
With 40 years of experience in Cantonese cuisine, Chef Chan Sui-kei’s talent in the kitchen shines through in the sophisticated Celestial Court Chinese Restaurant at the Sheraton Hong Kong. Chef Chan’s innovation, creativity and dedication have led to his receiving many awards in internationally acclaimed culinary competitions, including two Golds and one Platinum honour in the Hong Kong Food Festival Culinary Awards.

Chef Kenny Chan Kai-tak

Chef Kenny Chan Kai-tak, scion of a prominent family of Sichuan gourmet chefs, has over 40 years’ experience preparing authentic Sichuan dishes. He received The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs award as Chef Rôtisseurs and is the quintessential expert in preparing authentic Sichuan cuisine, using his expertise to choose the right ingredients and spices for his creations.  Chef Chan has joined Yunyan Sichuan Restaurant of The Miramar Group since 2001.  

Chef Cheng Kam-fu
For the last 20 years, Chef Cheng Kam-fu has established himself as one of the leading “private kitchen” chefs and has been dubbed the “secret cooking master”. With his mastery of technique and attention to detail, he has managed to turn familiar home cooking into innovative new dishes, while still maintaining the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine. Chef Cheng won the coveted Culinary King award in 2009.

Chef Lau Kin-wai
In 1998 Lau Kin-kai started a private dining restaurant, Yellow Door Kitchen, which became a pioneer in the trend towards smaller boutique eateries. In 2004 he established his second restaurant, Kin’s Kitchen, and in 2006 started Kin’s Terrace. Chef Lau believes that cooking nowadays is more diverse in terms of both the use of ingredients and techniques. His restaurants operate on the simple philosophy of using fresh market ingredients, cooking using traditional methods, and reviving authentic Chinese recipes.

Chef Lau Chun
With a special interest in ingredients and both traditional and modern cooking techniques, together with a flair for experimentation, Lau Chun – son of Lau Kin-wai - brings a more technical approach to cooking and the appreciation of food. He is presently helping to choose ingredients and design menus for Yellow Door Kitchen, Kin’s Kitchen and Kin’s Terrace.

Chef Li Shu-tim
Chef Li has been with the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong since it opened in 1989. He is the Chef de Cuisine for One Harbour Road, and is also responsible for planning the menus for the Chinese banquets in the hotel. He has been invited to present his cooking mastery and Hong Kong cuisine around the world. According to Chef Li, his cuisine is home-style Cantonese at its best - traditional dishes that are lovingly prepared and graciously presented.