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Inflight dining

A taste of home 

As a global airline based in Hong Kong, we continually strive to promote awareness and appreciation of our home city's world-renowned food culture.

With this in mind, we've recently expanded Cathay Pacific's inflight dining menus with the addition of 'Hong Kong Flavours' – a considered assortment of dishes that evoke feelings of familiarity, comfort, and home amongst local passengers and bring an element of discovery to international travellers.

The concept, which celebrates the authentic tastes of Hong Kong, was introduced across all cabins on long-haul flights at the end of 2018. Building upon its popularity thus far, Cathay Pacific is pleased to offer more signature local specialties – on selected routes from Hong Kong – in celebration of Chinese New Year and the months to come.

Sample 'Hong Kong Flavours' menus

First Class

  • Braised abalone with flower shiitake and choy sum-layered bean curd
  • Braised garoupa with bean curd and shiitake mushrooms in ginger and scallion sauce

Business Class

  • E fu noodle soup with crab meat sauce
  • Coconut and red bean pudding
  • Roasted duck with lai fun rice noodles in soup
  • Hong Kong-style milk tea pudding with tapioca pearls
  • Osmanthus jelly with wolfberries

Premium Economy Class

  • Baked seafood rice with tomato sauce
  • Steamed halibut with Tai O preserved mustard greens and steamed jasmine rice

Economy Class

  • Soy-braised chicken with Chinese sausage on steamed jasmine rice
  • Hong Kong-style seafood curry rice